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Apple Reportedly Spending $1 Billion on Video Content

Variety reports that Apple has budgeted $1 billion to spend on 10 TV shows. That may sound like a lot of money, but in the next year, Netflix is expected to spend $7 billion on original content, Amazon $4.5 billion, and HBO $2 billion. Hopefully, Apple can produce something more compelling than “Planet of the Apps” and “Carpool Karaoke.”favicon follow link


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I really don't understand why Apple believes it needs to get into content. It's not like they'd have nothing left to improve on content delivery. The hardware to produce/consume said content could be improved (better iDevices, cheaper Macs, etc.). The software to create the content and to consume it on could be improved (anybody remember FinalCut?). The store to sell and acquire content leaves much to be improved (yeah, LOL @ iTunes).

Loads of work left where they'd actually have expertise to bring to the table. What the heck do they know about content? Steve (Pixar) might have had a clue, but the present leadership? Notachance.

Just like Apple demonstrated time and again they can make a lot of money from hardware - even back when everybody was regurgitating the mantra that money could only be made with software, I don't believe they now need to follow the present-day "content mantra".