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RasterOps 364 Video Bug

by Adam C. Engst

RasterOps 364 Video Bug -- Mark H. Anbinder writes:

Owners of the RasterOps 364 video card for the SE/30 who have tried using System 7 may find that they get occasional, unexplainable system errors (usually reported by the Mac as bus errors). Since the crashes don't happen at predictable times, they are tough to track down. Apparently, this is due to an incompatibility in the older ROMs on some 364 cards. RasterOps has said they will send a replacement ROM free of charge to affected users. I recommend that most users have this ROM installed at their local Apple authorized service center. While some people may be comfortable with and familiar with opening the SE/30 and fiddling around inside, it's not generally something I recommend to the average user; it's too easy to injure yourself or the computer.

Thanks to Tory Yaphe of BAKA Computers for providing this information, after he laboriously tracked down the cause of the problem in his own computer. :-)

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