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Acrobatics -- Davide Guarisco <guarisco@stanford.edu> offered some addenda to Mike Lee's article on Acrobat in NetBITS-014:


First, with the newest Macintosh LaserWriter software from Apple (8.5.1) it's even easier to create PDF documents. PDF is now an option in the standard printing dialog box. It works fine, provided that you have Adobe's Acrobat Distiller installed on your hard disk.

<http://devworld.apple.com/ngs/lpp/adrpub/docs/ dev/ technotes/tn/tn1112.html>
<http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/ main.html>

Second, the Acrobat plug-in also works with Apple's now-defunct (but still functional) Cyberdog (although I am not sure about the "optimized" feature).


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