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More Digital Cameras 2000

by Arthur H. Bleich

In TidBITS-559, I highlighted my three favorite digital cameras I've used extensively in the two-to-four megapixel range. The cameras listed below are culled from many other digital cameras I've personally used, reviewed, and liked over the last year. If your favorite isn't included, it only means I haven't used it. They're listed first by number of pixels and then alphabetically by name, with a special section for boutique cameras at the end.


One-Megapixel -- These cameras are great if you're starting out and don't want to spend a lot of money on a digital camera, particularly if you're not sure how much you'll be using it.



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Two-Megapixel -- Consider a two-megapixel camera if you want higher quality images and are willing to jump up a level in price. The last camera in the list, the Olympus C2500L, features two-and-a-half megapixels.

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Three-Megapixel -- The three-megapixel cameras appeal to the serious amateurs who are willing to pay more for increased quality and features, but who can't justify jumping to the level of the semi-pro Camedia E-10, above.

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Boutique Digital Cameras -- Finally, we come to the boutique cameras, which are mostly notable for being truly tiny. Small size is not just a gimmick though, since it doesn't matter how good the pictures from a digital camera are if it's too large to carry with you comfortably. Some people even have two digital cameras, a large model for serious work where quality is all-important and one of these itty-bitty guys for snapshots.

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