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Outpost.com Acquired by PC Connection

Outpost.com Acquired by PC Connection -- The Internet consolidation is continuing, with Outpost.com founder and CEO Darryl Peck announcing on 30-May-01 that his company is being acquired by long-time hardware and software vendor PC Connection, which also runs the Mac Connection catalog and Web site. Outpost.com's 1.3 million customers and well-known brand enabled them to avoid the fate of so many other Internet companies that have disappeared quickly and completely. Outpost.com will continue to operate under its own name and from its existing facilities, though it will share PC Connection's extensive inventory. It's been an interesting six years for Outpost.com - check out our 1996 interview with Darryl for a look back at the beginning and Darryl's thoughts about PC Connection then. [ACE]

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