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Macworld Expo Boston 2004 Events

by Adam C. Engst

Macworld Expo in Boston is coming up soon, with the conferences starting on 12-Jul-04, the trade show floor opening on 13-Jul-04, and both continuing through 15-Jul-04. Although the initial rumblings indicate that attendance may be comparable to the last few Macworld Expos in New York City, from my vantage point, it feels as though it's going to be a much smaller show. Apple won't be exhibiting, of course, and although IDG World Expo has lined up a few big name exhibitors, including publishing giant Quark for the first time in years, at the moment, the show floor promises to be, well, intimate. I've been tracking the number of exhibitors that IDG World Expo lists since early June, when there were about 40. That number has risen to 67 as of this writing, though that includes a few organizations that are only dimly related to the world of the Macintosh.

< 20BOS04A>
< 20BOS04A/exposition/exhibitorlist>

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to Macworld Boston, since even with fewer exhibitors and fewer attendees, there will still be plenty of TidBITS readers and friends to schmooze with - it's all about networking these days. So come find me and Tonya and say hello; we always like meeting TidBITS and Take Control readers. Aside from the show floor, you can find me in the following spots:

< 20BOS04A/conference/tracksessions/Cool+ Tools/QMONYA048D02>
< 20BOS04A/keynotes>

For a list of other events, be sure to check out the Hess Memorial Events list, once again hosted by Ilene Hoffman. See you in Boston!


Oh, one more thing. IDG World Expo has explicitly said that children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a registered adult, and children under 5 receive free admission. That's entirely reasonable, and should prevent a repeat of the unpleasantness surrounding the banning of children at last year's Macworld Expo in New York City. Of course, if you do bring children, please make sure they're on their best behavior!