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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/30-Aug-04

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Escaping Palm HotSync Hell -- This week's article originally appeared as an ExtraBITS posting and generated discussion on TidBITS Talk. Readers debate the solidity of Palm's desktop application, and comment on The Missing Sync 4.0, which was reviewed in TidBITS-743. (7 messages)


What to do with really old Macs -- We like Macs. We don't like to throw them away. They work for a long, long time. But, really, some older models aren't as useful today as they were in 1989. Here are some options for donating or disposing of older Macs. (9 messages)


OmniWeb 5.0: The Powerful Web Browser -- After posting a note in ExtraBITS about the odd commentary regarding OmniWeb, numerous other people chime in with things they like and don't like about OmniWeb 5.0. (17 messages)



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