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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/20-Sep-04

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Suggestions for a USB ergonomic keyboard -- The Tactile Pro keyboard from Matias has earned high praise, but some people prefer ergonomic keyboards. Readers suggest a few options. (3 messages)


Thinking of Tablet Macs -- Is a tablet Mac in the future? Readers discuss how Apple's thin computers could be adapted to a tablet design, as well as the quality of Mac OS X's handwriting recognition software. (4 messages)


Mac Anti-Virus Programs -- Apple posted, then removed, Virex 7.5 for .Mac members, leading to discussion of what was wrong with the program. (5 messages)


Problems with FTP on Panther -- The recent security update troubles prompt comments about concerns with the security of SFTP. (2 messages)


Chording keyboards -- Will the chording keyboard ever become more than a niche device? (2 messages)



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