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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/22-Nov-04

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Tracing an email message -- Is there a way to locate the source of email blockage between you and a message recipient? The headers have it. (9 messages)


Odd http/ftp behavior -- Several people have noticed problems accessing Web and FTP sites in the past several weeks: is the trouble caused by a Mac OS X update, or something else? (18 messages)


Audion Retired -- Faced with the success of Apple's free iTunes software, Panic has decided to discontinue work on their innovative music application Audion, making it a free download. (4 messages)


Information: torrent vs trickle -- The original poster says it best: "We're sitting with the grandest technology in human history to slice and dice data, and it JUST DOESN'T WORK EFFECTIVELY." What's the best way to absorb and use information that arrives in our computers every day? (5 messages)


Setting up a secure FTP site on my Mac -- You may know that Mac OS X can enable you to set up an FTP server, but what's the best way to go about it? And is hosting from your Mac the best option? (6 messages)



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