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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/07-Mar-05

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Shared Database Solutions -- When one reader's organization starts feeling growing pains, what's the best way to consolidate information to avoid having several databases on multiple machines? (9 messages)


Delayed password disclosure technique -- A new method of online authentication could help avoid stolen passwords on the Internet. (8 messages)


Timbuktu 8.0 Finally Adds Encryption -- Readers discuss Netopia's latest version of its remote administration software, including the new Push Install capability to upgrade Timbuktu easily. (5 messages)


Cleaning House in iTunes -- Adam's article about culling duplicates from his iTunes library prompt other solutions from other readers, including synchronizing multiple libraries and changing song information for several songs at once. (7 messages)


Simple hosted CMS like Site Crossing -- Readers suggest other company-hosted content management systems similar to Web Crossing Inc.'s new Site Crossing service. (16 messages)


iPods Defeating Insomnia -- Last week's article about how Adam and Tonya fall asleep using their iPod struck a chord with a few people, including one who recommends a special pillow speaker, and another who explains the mechanism for how audio books can put you to sleep. (3 messages)


Multiple iTMS authorizations -- A couple of readers run into trouble when combining songs from the iTunes Music Store purchased under two different user accounts, while others don't seem to be affected. (4 messages)


Third-party DVD Burner -- Suggestions are offered to someone looking to buy a non-Apple DVD burner, both internal and external models. (4 messages)


SMTP server while travelling -- When a reader relocates to Beijing, she runs into trouble sending email through her old SMTP server. TidBITS Talk to the rescue! (15 messages)



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