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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/09-May-05

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Tiger Shipping and Educational Discount Problems -- A few people didn't receive their pre-ordered copies of Tiger when promised, though some report being offered free software as compensation. Also, Apple's educational discount seems to apply only online, not in Apple retail stores, though there have been some exceptions. (7 messages)


Tiger Safari Improvements -- Safari 2.0 appears to handle memory much better than previous versions. (2 messages)


Mail.app in Tiger -- A reader runs into "fantastically strange" behavior in the new version of Mail, amid discussion of the program's new, altered interface. (3 messages)


iChat AV in Tiger -- How well does iChat AV under Tiger work with previous versions under Panther? One reader sees unexpected behavior. (2 messages)


Nits related to Unix in Tiger -- Tiger now handles extended data information (resource forks) differently than earlier versions, and other Unix specifics. (13 messages)


Tiger installation troubles -- A reader encounters unusually slow backup copying with Retrospect Express prior to installing Tiger, and others note which approaches they took when upgrading to the new operating system version. (5 messages)


Dashboard Usability -- Does Dashboard's layer-based approach work well, or is it a hindrance? (6 messages)



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