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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/06-Jun-05

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Reliable scanner vendor -- Some people are running into problems with scanner vendors' software under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, prompting a move to the all-purpose VueScan software. (12 messages)


Reading Software Licences -- Does anyone actually read shrink wrap software licenses? What happens if you do? (8 messages)


Tiger's Preview annoyances -- Tiger's new version of Preview has some new capabilities, but it also seems to have lost some features. (4 messages)


Spotlight enabling the need for filing -- Readers discuss whether Spotlight search technology could eventually do away with having to create filenames and specify locations for files. (3 messages)


Glenn Fleishman hits Slashdot! TidBITS contributing editor Glenn Fleishman wrote an article at his weblog wifinetnews.com about a Seattle coffeehouse that shuts off its free Wi-Fi service. After it got picked up by slashdot.org, readers wonder how his server handled the load, and share their opinions about free wireless Internet access. (5 messages)


USB 2 hub for Tiger -- USB hubs are notoriously scattershot when it comes to quality, as one reader discovers. Fortunately, other models are recommended to provide USB 2.0 speeds. (3 messages)


Norton Utilities Incompatible with 10.4 -- Symantec states on its Web site that Symantec SystemWorks and North Utilities will not be updated for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger compatibility. (1 message)



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