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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/14-Nov-05

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Course Scheduling Software -- A reader looking for software suggestions finds lots of possible solutions. (2 messages)


iBook G4 actual battery capacity -- Mystified by battery output voodoo, a reader asks for help in determining if his new iBook battery is up to par. (1 message)


Should Macs have modems? The latest iMac G5 does not include an internal modem, but is that simply a cost-cutting measure or a crippling aspect? And does Apple's USB Modem (sold separately) adequately replace the functionality of an internal? (2 messages)


EVDO-compatible phones -- A reader asks about EVDO phones compatible with Sprint, and ends up with advice on the phones' Bluetooth compatibility. (2 messages)


OpenOffice as an alternative -- The promise of an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office is appealing, but what's the reality? (4 messages)



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