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RAM Doubler 2

by Adam C. Engst

In January of 1994, Connectix introduced RAM Doubler, an innovative utility that transparently appeared to double the amount of memory in most Macs (it requires a 68030 processor or higher). I was impressed with it back then (see TidBITS-208 for a review and more information on how it works), and now that Connectix has released a major update, RAM Doubler 2, I remain impressed.

Over the years, Connectix has released a number of free updates to RAM Doubler 1.x, mostly to fix bugs or ensure compatibility with new Macs and new releases of the system software. Since RAM Doubler works at a very low level, hardware or system software changes can break it more easily than other programs. But, as I said, these updates were all free and available on the Internet, so downloading updates wasn't a problem for most people.

New and Cool -- In August of 1996, Connectix released RAM Doubler 2, which provided several major changes.

Reasons Against -- Although I'm a definite proponent of RAM Doubler, there are a number of real reasons not to use RAM Doubler 2.

Reasons For -- Despite these important reasons to avoid RAM Doubler 2, I think there are plenty of reasons to investigate it more seriously.

In the End -- Some utilities are easy to recommend because they offer features unavailable elsewhere. That's not true of RAM Doubler, since Apple's VM is free. However, the fact that RAM Doubler sold over a million copies and RAM Doubler 2 sold 50,000 copies in its first month indicates its overall utility to the Mac community. I couldn't use my aging 660AV without RAM Doubler (I actually launch more applications at startup than I have real RAM for), and RAM Doubler 2 has been a pleasant upgrade, in part for the RAM-tripling and new interface, and in part for the file mapping capability for my PowerBook 5300, which has enough real RAM at 24 MB and prefers to keeps it hard disk spun down.

A Deal -- We've worked out a special deal for TidBITS readers with Cyberian Outpost. If you use the specific URL below, you can order RAM Doubler 2 online and receive a $4 discount (think of it as free shipping).

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