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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/23-Jan-06

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Calendar widget behavior -- Readers notice a change in the new Calendar Dashboard widget included with Mac OS X 10.4.4. (2 messages)


iLife '06 comments -- With the release of the latest version of Apple's digital living suite of applications, readers report their first impressions. (7 messages)


Apple Adds 802.11a -- One little-noticed improvement in the new Intel-based Macs is support for the 802.11a flavor of wireless networking. (2 messages)


Spotlight and iPhoto metadata? Does iPhoto make the metadata you assign to photos available to Spotlight? And if so, where is it stored? (12 messages)


Problems with iPhoto 6 -- A few readers run into difficulty when converting libraries from older versions of iPhoto to the latest version. (3 messages)


Spotlight wildcards? Tiger's Spotlight search technology can be improved by using special text strings to narrow results. (5 messages)


Postage on the Mac -- Who uses stamps anymore? A variety of options are now available for printing your own postage. (4 messages)


Is MagSafe really original? The new magnetic power connector on the MacBook Pro is a novel change, but is it the first of its kind? Maybe not. (2 messages)


Selecting software vendors -- How can you tell if a particular vendor is trustworthy, or even still developing the product you're looking for? (2 messages)



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