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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/08-May-06

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MP3 file format -- Strange behavior of MP3 audio files makes a reader question whether the problem is with the format or with specific applications. (8 messages)


Piano tutor software -- With a MIDI interface and GarageBand, it's time to refresh those piano playing skills. Instead of taking lessons, readers suggest software - but also caution against relying solely on the computer. (3 messages)


Great 12" iBook shelf -- Sometimes the best computer accessories can be had for $7, as is the case with this solution for elevating a 12-inch iBook. (4 messages)


Wireless Mouse has stopped tracking -- A reader asks for help in getting his Apple mouse out of a hole. (3 messages)


Publish iCal on my Web site? It's possible to publish an iCal calendar on a Web site (that doesn't have WebDAV), but it's not simple. (5 messages)


KisMac help -- A reader wants to determine if other people are accessing her wireless network, but is having trouble with the utility KisMAC. (3 messages)


Resources for Unix migrators? Books and Web sites are listed as resources that cover different flavors of Unix, including Apple's Darwin implementation. (5 messages)


Future of ATA vs SATA? Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives are becoming more common, but not to the extent that the more prevalent ATA format is ready for retirement. (5 messages)


Windows XP licensing -- Following Glenn Fleishman's article in last week's issue, readers examine the confusing options for installing Windows on an Intel Mac. (3 messages)


Net neutrality -- The United States government is debating whether companies can put limitations on Internet bandwidth in order to charge for usage, and so are TidBITS Talk readers. At length. (47 messages)


Windows XP Licensing for the Apple Boot Camper -- A reader who is also a lawyer helps clarify the consequences of violating software licenses, specifically in the case of Windows XP. (3 messages)



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