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1Password Introduces Individual Subscriptions

In the latest example of software developers moving to subscription models, AgileBits has announced a new 1Password subscription for individuals that joins the company’s 1Password Families and 1Password Teams services.

Don’t panic! AgileBits CEO Dave Teare told us that the standalone 1Password apps for the Mac and iOS will continue to receive development and support, and existing syncing options will still be available. However, new features that depend on the hosted service won’t migrate to the standalone versions. The Mac and Windows versions cost $64.99, and while the iOS version of 1Password is free, its pro features are a $9.99 in-app purchase.

In contrast, individual 1Password subscriptions cost $2.99 per month (billed annually), and if you sign up before 21 September 2016, you get the first six months for free. You can cancel at any time, and if your subscription expires, you will still be able to view and export your data.

What does $2.99 per month get you? Here’s a list:

  • Free access to all 1Password apps, including pro features and updates

  • Built-in automatic sync via 1Password’s new cloud service

  • Item history, so you can restore deleted or accidentally changed items

  • Web-based access to your 1Password data so you can access it from anywhere

  • Secure document storage

Unsurprisingly, AgileBits emphasizes security in the new service, promising end-to-end encryption, with 256-bit AES encryption on the server end. Data is encrypted on your device before being transferred, and only you have access to your master password. With the new subscription service, AgileBits is also adding a new two-factor security measure, called Account Key, which is a randomly generated 128-bit key used alongside the master password to access your data. Like the master password, the Account Key never leaves your device.

Despite the fact that this new service is merely an additional option for 1Password users, it will likely still trouble those who are opposed to software subscriptions on principle. But like it or not, the industry is increasingly moving toward subscriptions in order to even out the feast-and-famine revenues that result from infrequent paid upgrades. However, by continuing to support the standalone versions of 1Password and setting low prices from the start, AgileBits is going a long way to alleviate concerns.


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Comments about 1Password Introduces Individual Subscriptions
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So far I'm perfectly happy with the stand-alone apps syncing via iCloud, but I can imagine the new abo structure to be a viable proposition. Maybe I'll sign up somewhere in the future when a new killer feature is added.
Dave Teare  2016-08-14 20:54
Thanks for keeping an open mind, Paul! 🙏

We're trying our best to keep the licensed and hosted versions as similar as possible, so many of the new killer features we will add will be in both 😀

You're right though, some features will indeed depend upon the hosted service as some of our planned features are not possible in a standalone app.


–Dave Teare
AgileBits Founder
Alan Ralph  2016-08-05 04:43
I'll definitely consider this option. I've been using 1Password on all my iDevices now for about 10 months now, having moved over from LastPass, and have been very happy with both the apps and AgileBits's service. I currently use iCloud for syncing, and occasionally have to wait for one device to update its copy before I can login to a site or app. Having a more robust sync would be great!

Also, I've put off adding 1Password to the Windows installation I keep around, mainly on cost grounds vs how much I'd make use of it. The subscription pricing means I'd pay less and have all my devices covered. Yes, I'd be paying every year, but I've no problem with that if what I'm getting is rock solid and backed by good customer support. (Coincidentally, I ended my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription a few months ago, mainly because I was fed up with their service & support.)
Dave Teare  2016-08-14 20:57
Thank you for your support, Alan! We wouldn't be here without awesome customers like you ❤️

I am with you and believe customer support is a critical part of any business. We are doing our best to keep these high expectations a reality and your support is key in allowing us to do so. Thank you.

isaac31  2016-08-08 21:03
I have been with AgileBits 1 password from the early days. They offered a Family license and I bought it. I have had free upgrades for years. Agilebits offers a solid product and top notch support. Updates and support have been free too. I can see how they need to move to subscription model to make money. Rest assured the product and support will continue to be the absolute best! I feel secure on my computers and iphone with 1password. Encrypted and backed up no bits of paper or a password file or log.
Dave Teare  2016-08-14 21:00
Thank you so much for your trust and support! We really wouldn't be here without fantastic customers like you – thank you for making it possible to work on what we love. ❤️

Dave Creek  2016-08-09 00:47
Where can I find detailed instructions on how to use the new two-factor security measure called Account Key?
Dave Teare  2016-08-14 21:03
Hi Dave,

The Account Key is created for you automatically when you create a new 1Password account. Along with your Master Password it is used to encrypt your data so it's important that you keep it handy incase you ever lose your authorized devices.

I'm assuming you are already using 1Password so I'm going to share this article with you:

There you will find how to setup a new 1Password account, add the account to your Mac, and migrate your data over. The video illustrates 1Password Families but the concepts are equally valid for individual accounts.

I hope that helps.

Yashodhan Khare  2016-08-15 10:01
I am a single user of the service. What is the difference between the family and teams plans?
Margeau Corra  2016-09-02 21:08
Hi Yashodhan,

Thank you for asking this question. I'm sorry I made you wait so long for an answer :)

Both Teams and Families allow you to securely share data with others and greatly simplifies managing the people in your "team", be it business colleagues or family members. Families is for personal use and gives you everything you need to protect your entire family. It includes 5 people in the monthly $5 subscription (additional family members can be added for only $1). Teams is geared towards businesses and offers you the control and customization you need to use it efficiently in your organization.

Both Families and Teams include my favorite feature – Account Recovery. This allows you as the account organizer to restore access to team members who might forget their Master Password or lose their Account Key.

If you would like to learn more about 1Password (, 1Password Families ( and 1Password Teams ( take a look at our web site and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if your situation doesn’t clearly point you to one over another.

Have a good weekend!
Yashodhan Khare  2016-09-03 03:45
Thanks for the clarification. One last question, Is Account Recovery available for stand aline subscribers?
Margeau Corra  2016-09-05 20:47
Good question Yashodhan.

The Account Recovery feature can only be used by members of 1Password Families or Teams because one member must be authorized to assist another. With 1Password accounts for individuals and our standalone app there is only the one user.

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with :)