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Series: Subscription Pricing

More and more apps are moving from pay-once pricing to a subscription model. It may be necessary for developers, and it may result in better software for users, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes it.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Adobe Announces Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud

Adobe has announced its new suite of creative applications, but this time there’s something new that affects them all: Creative Cloud, a subscription service that makes it possible to use the Creative Suite for as little as $50 per month.

Josh Centers 65 comments

Adobe Flies from Creative Suite into the Creative Cloud

Adobe is leaving the boxed software game for a subscription-only model. Will it be good or bad for customers?

Josh Centers Adam Engst 12 comments

Creative Cloud Complaints Darken Adobe’s View of the Future

Creative Cloud may be the way Adobe sees the future, but lots of people don’t like it. Adam Engst and Josh Centers outline some of the problems with Creative Cloud, with suggestions on both how Adobe could solve them and how you can register your opinions.

Josh Centers 22 comments

Adobe Listening to Creative Cloud Complaints

Adobe has heard the complaints about the subscription-only Creative Cloud, and says it will address them. Josh Centers has the details.

Michael E. Cohen 24 comments

TextExpander 6 Adds Teams and Subscription Billing

TextExpander, the text expansion utility from Smile, has added support for sharing snippets among a team, as well as a new Web site for managing your snippets. However, the utility now requires a monthly subscription fee.

Adam Engst 14 comments

Smile Brings Back Standalone TextExpander, Reduces Subscription Price

In response to customer feedback, Smile has adjusted its approach with TextExpander, promising to maintain the standalone versions of the text-expansion utility and lowering the price of the individual subscription plan.

Josh Centers 12 comments

1Password Introduces Individual Subscriptions

AgileBits has announced an optional new service: individual subscriptions to its 1Password password manager. The new service joins the company’s 1Password Families and 1Password Teams services, but does not replace standalone purchases of the 1Password apps for the Mac and iOS.

Adam Engst 9 comments

Setapp Offers Numerous Mac Apps for One Monthly Subscription Fee

Even if you’re leery of software subscriptions, Adam Engst explains why the multi-app Setapp service could be a good deal for both users and developers.

Michael E. Cohen 9 comments

TextExpander by Subscription One Year Later

A year ago, Smile made TextExpander a subscription service, causing much hubbub in the Apple community. How has that worked out for the company?

Adam Engst 4 comments

Setapp At 5 Months: 10,000 Users and Better App Discovery

MacPaw’s Setapp subscription service, which provides access to 77 Mac apps for $9.99 per month, has gained an AI-based recommendation engine. Adam Engst took the opportunity to check in on how Setapp is doing, both overall and for participating developers.

Glenn Fleishman 27 comments

AgileBits Isn’t Forcing 1Password Data to Live in the Cloud

A news report referring to AgileBits’s aggressive shift to subscription-based licensing for 1Password overstates a requirement to store passwords at its site.