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Editing iCal Events in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard makes looking at event details in iCal easier. In the Leopard version of iCal, you had to double-click an event to reveal only some information in a pop-up box; you then needed to click the Edit button (or press Command-E) to edit an item's information. In Snow Leopard, choose Edit > Show Inspector (or press Command-Option-I) to bring up a floating inspector that provides an editable view of any items selected in your calendar.

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Doug McLean

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Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Preps for Lion

Apple has released what is very likely its last pre-Lion Mac OS X update, bundling in bug fixes, security improvements, and enhancements that prepare the Mac App Store for the release of Lion.Show full article

Apple Details Transition from MobileMe to iCloud

Apple has clarified which MobileMe services will be lifted to iCloud, and which are simply disappearing into the ether.Show full article

Firefox 5 Brings Under-the-Hood Improvements

With the release of Firefox 5.0, Mozilla adds, well, not a lot that users will notice. There are some performance improvements, enhanced standards support, and plenty of bug fixes, but why it’s not a 4.1, we don’t know.Show full article

CFP 2011: Teens and Data Retention

At the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2011 conference, Jeff Porten passes on details of two additional talks, one on how teens view online privacy, and the other about data retention policies and their possible effects. Show full article

Nora Barnacle and the Birth of the Ebook

Voyager’s Expanded Books project, which created the first popular ebooks (on floppy disk! in HyperCard!), began on Bloomsday, 1990.Show full article

Apple Starts Over with New Final Cut Pro X

Apple has released Final Cut Pro X, a rewrite of its professional video-editing application that incorporates many of the concepts pioneered in iMovie. Also available are new versions of Motion and Compressor, all of which are available only from the Mac App Store.Show full article

Recovering from Disk Corruption Without a SuperDrive

When faced with disk corruption on his MacBook Pro’s SSD, Marshall Clow spent several days working through different possibilities for repairing the problem and recovering files that had changed since his last backup, all made more difficult by the lack of a SuperDrive. Read on for the details, and the lessons that we should all remember.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 27 June 2011

Notable software releases this week include Security Update 2011-004 (Leopard/Leopard Server); ClamXav 2.2; 1Password 3.6; Flash Player; PDFpen and PDFpenPro 5.4; Microsoft Office 2011 14.1.2, 2008 12.3.0, and 2004 11.6.4; Acrobat Pro 10.1, 9.4.5, and 8.3; Evernote 2.2.1; and Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.12.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 27 June 2011

Among much else, we spent last week reading about the New York Public Library’s digital initiatives, a possibly revolutionary new camera, ways of extending iPhone battery life, Verizon Wireless’s move to tiered data plans, and larger Time Capsules.Show full article

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