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Apple Issues New iOS 9.2.1 to Fix Error 53

Apple has issued a quiet update to iOS 9.2.1 to resolve Error 53, which made iOS devices repaired by outside parties unusable. Here’s what to do if your iPhone is affected.Show full article

Apple Pay Expands to China, Coming to ATMs

China now has access to Apple Pay, and the demand has been overwhelming. Meanwhile, you could soon be able to use Apple Pay to get cash from an ATM. We also have an update on Apple Pay partners in the United States.Show full article

Vote for Your Favorite Mac Personal Finance App

What Mac app do you rely on for personal finance management? Vote for your favorite app in our poll this week, and we’ll report on the results next week.Show full article

Thoughts on Tim Cook’s Open Letter Criticizing Backdoors

The FBI has asked Apple to create a backdoor-enabled version of iOS to aid in the investigation of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Although the company has complied with all legal subpoenas and warrants to this point, Apple CEO Tim Cook has published an open letter to customers explaining why the company is fighting the FBI’s request for a backdoor. Adam Engst explains what’s at stake, and why Apple is taking its case to the public.Show full article

More Thoughts on Apple’s Stance on Backdoors

We’ve coopted our ExtraBITS column this week to focus on developments in the dispute between Apple and the FBI over the agency’s request for Apple to create a tool that would enable brute forcing of iPhone passcodes. Also, Adam introduces the coverage with some thoughts on why this case is so difficult to evaluate.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 22 February 2016

Notable software releases this week include Mailplane 3.6.2, Microsoft Office 2016 15.19.1, Evernote 6.5, and Airfoil 5.0.Show full article

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