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Manage Multiple ChronoSync Documents

If you have multiple ChronoSync documents and need to run your syncs or backups manually, you may find it taxing to open each ChronoSync document and execute it manually. There are two easy methods to simplify managing multiple ChronoSync documents.

  • You can add the ChronoSync documents to a Container document. A Container holds multiple ChronoSync documents and enables you to control several ChronoSync documents as if they were one document.
  • You can make use of the Scheduled Documents Manager window to collect and organize commonly used ChronoSync documents without scheduling them.

Both methods allow you to schedule or manually run your syncs and backups.

Visit ChronoSync Tips

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This is it - the last issue of 1993. I'm taking a few weeks off from TidBITS and email, so please don't expect quick responses. The next issue will appear on 03-Jan-94 and may break my self-imposed 30K barrier as I clean out articles for which I haven't found room recentlyShow full article

Macworld Signing

Macworld Signing -- I don't know the details, but I will be happy to sign copies of my book at Hayden's Macworld booth. Stop by the booth to check the times and dates. Show full article

The Quicken 4 Updater

The Quicken 4 Updater to Release 6 is now at as: quicken4r6updater.sit.hqx Show full article


Connectix has announced RAM Doubler, an extension that provides twice as much RAM for opening applications on any Mac II or greater Mac with at least 4 MB of RAMShow full article

Williamson County, Part II

After counting the trailing zeros in the estimates of the economic loss to the county if Apple pulled out, one Williamson County commissioner changed his voteShow full article

Ultimate Responsibility

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Even if the clever folks at Delta Tao Software didn't create such wonderful software, we'd could cheer the ecological responsibility they display by selling their software not only without styrofoam filler, but also without a boxShow full article

Gift Suggestions

Mac-related gifts are appropriate any time, but we figure that this is the best time for those benumbed by the consumer feeding frenzy. I won't include contact information for each item, but computer stores, mail order vendors, and bookstores should carry the items listed below. Games -- Randy JShow full article


One of the greatest lies foisted on the unsuspecting computer shopper of ten years ago was "You can use it to keep your recipes." Yeah, sureShow full article

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