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Mark H. Anbinder

Mark H. Anbinder

Mark works at Cornell Information Technologies at Cornell University, where he is part of the Advanced Technology & Architecture division. He is also a part-owner of Public Communications, a consulting and Web design company based in Ithaca, NY, and a jack-of-all-trades and board member of WVBR.

Mark H. Anbinder 6 comments

iOS 11 Mail Failing to Send with Microsoft-Hosted Accounts

Due to an improperly negotiated HTTP/2 connection, Mail in iOS 11 is having trouble sending email with, Office 365, and Exchange Server 2016 accounts. Those who haven’t yet updated to iOS 11 and rely on Microsoft-hosted email should probably delay the upgrade. If you have already upgraded to iOS 11, you can either use Microsoft’s Outlook client or potentially disable HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016.

Mark H. Anbinder 6 comments

FileMaker 13 Gains a Smooth New Web Presence

The just-released FileMaker 13 introduces a new approach to publishing databases on the Web and provides a slew of new mobile layouts for the free FileMaker Go iOS app.

Mark H. Anbinder 8 comments

SabPub Malware Infects Unpatched Word and Java Installations

Mac security firm Intego says unpatched installations of Java and older versions of Microsoft Word leave Macs vulnerable not just to the Flashback malware, but also to the SabPub malware. Update your software to make sure you’re not at risk.

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Facebook to Acquire Instagram for a Billion Dollars

In a blog post, Kevin Systrom, CEO of the photo sharing service Instagram, announced that his eight-person company will be acquired by Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg chimed in on his own timeline, adding, “For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family. Now, we’ll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.” Facebook says the transaction will be valued at $1 billion. We hope the owners of Instagram will share some of the windfall with their tiny, but effective, staff.

Mark H. Anbinder 2 comments

It’s 10 O’Clock. Does Your TomTom Know Where It Is?

GPS manufacturer TomTom revealed this week that a “leap year” bug in a number of models prevented the units from finding their locations. Starting on Sunday, 1 April 2012 (ouch!), the glitch left some users stranded in unfamiliar locations without navigation assistance. TomTom’s support page lists affected models (including several Go, Via, and Start models) and provides instructions for using the MyTomTom desktop software to install a fix for the problem.

Mark H. Anbinder 3 comments

FileMaker 12 Adds Power, Clarity, and Free iOS Apps

Updates to database applications rarely grab headlines the way updates to Apple’s handheld devices do, but the release of FileMaker Pro 12 and updated FileMaker Go iOS apps is a big deal in the database world.

Mark H. Anbinder 13 comments

New TweetDeck for Mac a Breath of Fresh Air

A few months after Twitter’s acquisition of the popular and powerful TweetDeck client software, the company has released a new version that leaves behind the program’s Adobe AIR roots in favor of a sleek and fast client for Mac, Windows, and even the Web.

Mark H. Anbinder 1 comment

Steve Jobs: Bringing Technology to the Masses

TidBITS contributing editor Mark H. Anbinder reflects on how Steve Jobs’s career trajectory influenced his own, and how Apple under Steve Jobs has focused on making technology accessible to the masses.

Mark H. Anbinder 4 comments

AT&T Increases Data Allowance for International Plans

AT&T has announced a new four-tier set of international data add-on packages for subscribers. The packages, intended for travelers with U.S.-based cellular accounts, more than double the data allowances per month, and in some cases lower the monthly costs.

Mark H. Anbinder 11 comments

Apple Selling Unlocked iPhones in U.S. Online Apple Store

Following a flurry of speculation, Apple has surprised some pundits and delighted flexibility-loving iPhone fans by offering unlocked iPhone models in the U.S. online Apple Store.

Mark H. Anbinder 4 comments

AT&T Staff Confused on Grandfathered Unlimited Data

AT&T customer support offers confusing, and apparently incorrect, guidance on the continuing availability of unlimited data plans for those who haven’t changed service since June.

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TidBITS Staffers in the MacJury Holiday Gift Guide

All three episodes of the MacJury Podcast’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide are out, and Chuck Joiner invited several TidBITS staff members to participate. Spread out over the three episodes are gift ideas from Joe, Mark, and Tonya. If you’re thinking about your shopping strategy for this weekend before Hanukkah begins (next week!) and Christmas rolls around before long, MacJury’s musings are worth a listen.

Mark H. Anbinder Jeff Carlson 4 comments

Second-Generation Apple TV Shrinks and Streams

The new Apple TV is a black box a quarter the size of its predecessor, offering streaming content, no requirement to sync to a computer, and 99-cent TV show rentals to the living room.

Mark H. Anbinder 5 comments

Today Utility Displays Just Today’s iCal Events and Tasks

Second Gear Software's Today is a clear example of software you didn't know you needed until you've tried it. The utility offers a single-window glance at your calendar and tasks for the day, whether or not iCal and Mail are open.

Mark H. Anbinder 7 comments

Israel Bans Import of iPads

Never mind that Apple's new iPad won't be available outside the United States for a few more weeks. An Associated Press article tells us Israel has banned all imports of the popular tablet device, even going so far as to confiscate them from tourists upon arrival and hold them for a daily fee. Customs officials will return the iPad upon its owner's departure from the country. The Communication Ministry says the iPad's wireless frequencies are incompatible with national standards. If you decide to travel light with your iPad, make sure it will be welcome wherever you're going!