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Last week I switched the way our email comes in from UUCP to SMTP, which provides for a little more speed in receiving incoming messages (and runs over the 56K Frame Relay connection rather than the modem)Show full article

MacTCP 2.0.6

MacTCP 2.0.6 is out in the form of an updater application that takes a clean copy of MacTCP 2.0.4 and converts it into MacTCP 2.0.6. I cannot emphasize "clean" sufficiently - you cannot update a copy of MacTCP 2.0.4 that has ever been opened or loaded into memory; instead, you must use a new copy from a master diskShow full article

QuickMail early birds

QuickMail early birds miss out on CE's latest offer. Hoping to entice more of their installed user base to upgrade to QuickMail 3.0 (see TidBITS-240), CE Software is now offering a free copy of QuicKeys (the company's personal automation software) for each multi-user QuickMail package upgradedShow full article

Tom Collins

Tom Collins and others pointed out that there's a little checkbox in the MountCache Cache dialog that comes set to Disable Custom Icons (see my complaint in TidBITS-254)Show full article

Johnathon Suker

Johnathon Suker commented that my technique of copying new System Folder files over the old ones and then moving them all back again could lead to trouble if some old and unnecessary System Update file or something similar was included by this processShow full article

AppleFax via FTP

Jason Polzin writes: The AppleFax service mentioned in TidBITS-254 is also available via anonymous FTP! All of the files are in Common Ground MiniViewer formatShow full article

Pentium Bugs, Part II

Pentium Bugs, Part II -- Following up on the Pentium division bug reported in TidBITS-253, Intel has confirmed that the math error can occur in single, double, and extended precision divides and potentially impact the precision of results from the 4th to the 19th significant digitShow full article

Internet Config Ships

A new program from Peter Lewis and Quinn "The Eskimo!" will continue to cement the Macintosh's position as the preeminent Internet client platformShow full article

Kids World

About twenty years ago, I enjoyed playing with colorforms. Colorforms came with shapes made of rubbery material, which could be placed on a smooth surface to create scenesShow full article

Holiday Gift Suggestions

Jack Rosenzweig writes: The coolest game out there by far is Marathon by Bungie, the Pathways Into Darkness guys. Marathon is way better, has amazing graphics, and is very fast on a Power Mac and pretty fast on slower machinesShow full article

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