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MacUser’s Editors’ Choice Awards

The evening before Macworld Expo opened, MacUser announced this year’s winners of its series of coveted industry awards. 1990 was, the editors’ introduction tells us, "a year of great beginnings in areas such as 24-bit color, cross-platform connectivity, virtual reality, 3-D modeling, and video." Each category has a winner and two honorable mention recipients; we will only provide a list of the winners themselves. MacUser will publish its own list containing all three finalists for each category, along with descriptions of the products and the reasons they came out on top.

[Editors’ note: Congratulations to the winners! Our main regret is that there was no category in which TidBITS could compete. Maybe next year. Kudos to Mark for gathering all the contact information at the end – it must have been a lot of work.]

  • Best Data-Management Product: ClearAccess 1.21, from Fairfield Software.
  • Best Data Resource: Accents & Borders, from 3G Graphics.
  • Best Financial-Management Package: WealthBuilder by Money Magazine, from Reality Technologies.
  • Best Communications Product: TelePort A300, from Global Village Communication.
  • Best Page-Design Program: PublishIt! Easy 2.0, from Timeworks.
  • Best Typographic Program: TypeStyler 1.5, from Broederbund.
  • Best Presentation Product: MORE 3.0, from Symantec.
  • Best Color Prepress: ColorStudio 1.1, from Letraset.
  • Best CAD Software: MiniCad+ 3.0, from Graphsoft.
  • Best 3-D Modeling/Rendering Package: DynaPerspective 2.0, from DynaWare.
  • Best Animation Program: FilmMaker, from Encore Development and Paracomp.
  • Best Multimedia Software: Authorware Professional for Macintosh, from Authorware.
  • Best Desktop-Video Product: RasterOps Video ColorBoard 364, from RasterOps.
  • Best Connectivity Software: Timbuktu, from Farallon.
  • Best Connectivity Hardware: EtherPrint, from Dayna.
  • Best Work-Group Project: Aspects, from Grop Technologies.
  • Best Executive-Information-Systems Product: Tactician, from Tactics International.
  • Best Data-Acquisition/Analysis Product: LabVIEW 2.1, from National Instruments.
  • Best Development Tool: THINK Pascal, from Symantec.
  • Best Utility: The Norton Utilities for the Macintosh, from Symantec.
  • Best Compression Product: Compactor, shareware from Bill Goodman.
  • Best Music Product: Deck, from OSC and Digidesign.
  • Best Education Program: Discis Books, from Discis Knowledge Resource.
  • Best Recreational Program: The Cosmic Osmo CD-ROM from Activision.
  • Best Input Device: Voice Navigator II, from Articulate Systems.
  • Best Display Product: L-*View Multi-Mode, from Sigma Designs.
  • Best Scanner: JX-600, from Sharp.
  • Best Monochrome-Output Device: QMS PS-410, from QMS.
  • Best Color-Output Device: Kodak XL7700, from Kodak.
  • Best Storage Product: SBT-1288NP, from MicroNet Technology.
  • Software Product of the Year: Photoshop, from Adobe Systems.
  • Hardware Product of the Year: RadiusTV, from Radius.
  • Breakthrough Product of the Year: Virtus WalkThrough, from Virtus.
  • John J. Anderson Distinguished Achievement Award: Bill Atkinson, creator of MacPaint and HyperCard, and the father of much of the Mac’s interface standard.
  • Derek Van Alstyne Rising Star Award: Rand K. and Robyn Miller, two brothers who are responsible for The Manhole and Cosmic Osmo.

(Anderson and Alstyne were the two MacUser staff members who died during the 1989 California earthquake.)

3G Graphics — 206/367-9321
Activision — 415/329-0500
Adobe Systems, Inc. — 415/961-4400 — 800/344-8335
Articulate Systems — 617/876-5236 — 800/443-7077
Authorware, Inc. — 612/921-8555
Dayna Communications — 801/531-0600
Digidesign — 415/327-8811 — 800/333-2137
Discis Knowledge Research — 416/250-6537 — 800/567-4321
DynaWare Corp. — 415/349-5700 — 800/445-3962
Fairfield Software, Inc. — 800/522-4252
Farallon Computing, Inc. — 415/596-9100 — 800/344-7489
Global Village Communication — 415/329-0700 — 800/736-4821
Group Technologies — 703/528-1555 — 800/476-8781
Letraset — 201/845-6100 — 800/343-8973
MicroNet Technology, Inc. — 714/837-6033
National Instruments — 512/794-0100 — 800/433-3488
Paracomp, Inc. — 415/956-4091
QMS, Inc. — 800/631-2692
Radius, Inc. — 408/434-1010 — 800/227-2795
RasterOps Corp. — 408/562-4200
Reality Technologies — 215/387-6055
Sharp Electronics Corp. — 201/529-8200 — 800/526-0264
Sigma Designs — 415/770-0100
Symantec Corp. — 408/253-9600 — 800/441-7234
Tactics International — 508/475-4475
Timeworks — 708/948-9200 — 800/535-9497
Virtus Corp. — 919/467-9700

Information from:
Mark Anbinder — [email protected]

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