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Newton Synonyms

Pythaeus and some MessagePad-pioneering readers have passed along this list of commands and their synonyms supported by the Newton Intelligence system. Many of these aren’t documented, though some are basic Newton functions. You can always write a command, such as "Call Adam," on any Note Pad memo, then tap the Assist button to have it executed. (If you do any correcting along the way, you must select the command before tapping Assist, but if the MessagePad interprets your command correctly on the first try, you can tap Assist as soon as it finishes the interpreting.) Of course, if you write a command on the memo you wish sent, printed, etc., the command will be part of the result! With that in mind, try some of the following:

Written action word — Result

  • Call, ring, dial — Dial a phone number
  • Fax, fax it — Send the item on your screen as a fax (requires a Newton fax modem)
  • Mail, email, mail this, send this — Send the item on your screen as electronic mail
  • Print, print it — Print the item on your screen to a printer
  • Find, find it, look for, search for, locate, locate it — Search for text
  • Remember, remind, remind me, to do, don’t forget to, don’t let me forget, don’t let me forget to do — Add a reminder to your to do list
  • Schedule, meet, meet me, see, talk to — Add an appointment to your calendar
  • Breakfast — 7 AM (optimistic, isn’t it?)
  • Lunch — Noon
  • Dinner — 7 PM
  • Holiday — Add day note instead of appointment
  • Birthday, bday, b-day, anniversary — Day note that repeats annually
  • Time, time in, the time in, what time is it, what time is it in, what time, what is the time, what is the time in — Look up the time in another city

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