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Info-Mac Archive Mirror Sites

Liam Breck <[email protected]> passed on this list of Info-Mac mirror sites, FTP sites that carry more or less the same files as the main Info-Mac site. We recommend that Internet users use these mirror sites instead of the main site because <> is having trouble handling the massive demand, so much so that it has become difficult for the Info-Mac moderators to manage the archive. If you know of a mirror site not listed here or would like to set up a new mirror site, please send email to <[email protected]>.

Each entry in the list below contains (odd bits explained below):

 Internet address         Internet number  archive directory           #/#
 contents                                  access methods
 organization, city, [state,] country
 [notes about the site]

 * Internet number
    Try using this number if the Internet address doesn't work.

 * #/#
    The number of updates made to the mirror per number of days.
    (1/1 is once a day, 1/14 is once every fourteen days.)

 * Contents
    ALL -- the site carries all directories in the archive.
    RECENT -- the site carries only files added within the past year.
    VERY-RECENT -- the site carries only files from the past few months.            micros/mac/info-mac            1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher
 AARNet, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia      mac/info-mac                   1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher
 Vienna University, Vienna, Austria           ?                pub/mac/info-mac                 ?
 ?                                         ftp
 University of British Columbia, BC, Canada       pub/mac/info-mac               1/1
 VERY-RECENT ALL                           ftp gopher
 Finnish Academic and Research Network FUNET, Espoo, Finland           info-mac                       2/1
 RECENT ALL                                ftp
 Jyvaskyla University, Jyvaskyla, Finland
 all binhex converted to macbinary      pub/mac/info-mac               1/1
 RECENT ALL                                ftp gopher email
 Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
 email service: [email protected]       pub/info-mac                   3/7
 RECENT ALL                                ftp
 University of Hannover, Hannover, Germany       /pub/info-mac                  1/1
 VERY-RECENT application cfg cmp comm dev disk gui nwt prn sci text vir
                                           ftp gopher
 University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany
 gopher available via      pub/systems/mac/info-mac       1/7
 vir card gui comm sci cmp prn cfg text nwt  ftp
 Rechenzentrum Universitaet Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany      pub/unsupported/mac/info-mac   2/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher
 Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
 also GopherMail access       info-mac                       1/1
 ALL                                       ftp
 Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
 updating from U of Tokyo     pub/info-mac                   1/1
 ALL                                       ftp email
 Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Tokyo, Japan
 email service: [email protected] ("help" in message body for info)   pub/info-mac                   1/1
 ALL                                       ftp
 University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan    pub/mac/info-mac               2/1
 RECENT ALL                                ftp gopher
 Wageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, Netherlands          mac/info-mac                   1/1
 ALL                                       ftp
 Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden
 4 users allowed during work hours (8-5 GMT), 8 other times       pub/mac/info-mac               1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher fsp
 Swedish University Network, Sweden
 email and web access will be added soon        mirror/info-mac                1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher
 SWITCH, Zurich, Switzerland    /pub/mac/info-mac              6/7
 ALL                                       ftp
 National Central University, ChungLi, Taiwan          Macintosh/info-mac             1/1
 ALL                                       ftp fsp afs
 National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan     packages/info-mac              1/1
 ALL                                       ftp email gopher web fsp ftam telnet
 Imperial College, London, UK
 email service: [email protected]            pub/ftp1/info-mac              1/1
 ALL                                       ftp email
 Arizona Macintosh Users Group, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
 email service: not running yet     mirrors/info-mac               1/1
 ALL                                       ftp
 University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA   mac/infomac                    1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher telnet
 University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
 macbinary; telnet access for kermit and zmodem download with search functions     /pub/INFO-MAC                  1/1
 ALL                                       gopher
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA    systems/mac/info-mac           1/1
 ALL                                       ftp gopher fsp
 Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA      [NA]                           1/1
 RECENT ALL                                email, Bitnet message/file
 Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA
 email [email protected] with "$MACARCH HELP" in body for help info           archive/systems/mac/info-mac   1/1
 ALL (except: card grf snd)                ftp
 UUNET Technologies, Falls Church, Virginia, USA

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