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Welcome to our 2000 Holiday Gift issue, which is brimming with great gift ideas from TidBITS readers via TidBITS Talk. Most are related to the Mac, as you might expect, but Macintosh users have wide-ranging interests, so we’ve also included a number of ideas that fit into the category of "For the Macintosh-Minded." Other categories are Hardware, Software, Games, and Miscellaneous, plus additional digital camera recommendations from Arthur Bleich. We hope you find these suggestions useful for finishing off your holiday shopping!

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Staff — I’d also like to take this end-of-year opportunity to thank the people and organizations that make TidBITS possible each week. Quite frankly, a great deal of effort goes into creating and distributing TidBITS each week, much of it behind the scenes. Technical Editor Geoff Duncan edits every issue, handles all mail to <[email protected]>, keeps our article and TidBITS Talk archives running, and handles distribution each week; Managing Editor Jeff Carlson coordinates submissions from outside authors, builds and edits each issue, and creates whatever graphics we may need. Contributing Editor Matt Neuburg writes numerous detailed reviews for us, and Contributing Editor Mark Anbinder also provides articles and news items. It’s Tonya Engst’s work behind the scenes that keeps TidBITS financially viable. [And as publisher and chief bottle washer, Adam writes, edits, fiddles with servers, communicates with readers, coordinates sponsors, and tries to help move the industry in positive directions wherever possible. – Geoff and Jeff]

Infrastructure — Our Internet servers are spread far and wide, thanks to the generosity of various organizations. Our main Web and mailing list servers are hosted by digital.forest; our database server lives with the rest of the servers Geoff hosts; and WinStar Northwest Nexus not only hosts (which is now a full Info-Mac mirror as well as storing back issues of TidBITS in setext format), but also provides the dedicated Internet connection over which we serve TidBITS Talk and most of the translation mailing lists.

Sponsors — Of course, we’d all have to devote our time to pursuits other than TidBITS if it weren’t for the financial support provided by our sponsors, some of whom have supported TidBITS for many years. They include APS Technologies, Small Dog Electronics,, MacAcademy, Farallon, Aladdin Systems, Microsoft, digital.forest,, Dantz Development,, Digital River, and Blue World Communications. Our sincere thanks to these fine companies for enabling us to spend as much time as we do creating TidBITS each week.

Translators — It may not be obvious to most people, but the fact that TidBITS is translated into a variety of languages other than English each week is tremendously cool and unusual. Few, if any, other publications of our size publish in multiple languages, and we’re extremely happy to be able to provide TidBITS to an international audience in this fashion. It’s all possible only thanks to the selfless volunteers who devote their time to translating TidBITS each week – they have our eternal admiration and gratitude.

Readers — Finally, my personal thanks to all of you who read TidBITS and participate in TidBITS Talk. You really are the reason we do TidBITS at all, and you’re a special group: thoughtful, detailed, and caring. We may not have the largest readership in the world, but I’ll take the quality that’s clearly evident in our private email and in TidBITS Talk over raw quantity any day.

Enough with the encomiums, and on to the gift suggestions!

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