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Take Control News/10-Oct-05

"Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music" Released — If you own an iPod or are thinking about purchasing one, our latest Take Control ebook – Steve Sande’s "Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music" – will help you make the most of your iPod experience. Although this ebook covers the basics of plugging in a new iPod and transferring music to it, most of its 128 pages focus on all the other cool stuff you can do to help your expensive iPod earn its keep.

Steve provides real-world advice about tasks like using your iPod as a read-only PDA for calendar events and contacts, off-loading photos to it from a digital camera, backing up your computer to an iPod, setting an iPod to put you to sleep at night and wake you in the morning, and even keeping it ready as an emergency boot drive. Leaving no stone unturned, he also looks at other unusual iPod uses, such as giving presentations from an iPod, reading or listening to text-based ebooks, recording classes or meetings, and installing Linux on an iPod. As a bonus for readers wanting to buy a new or used iPod, a detailed appendix helps sort out the members of the current iPod family and provides a complete timeline of iPod releases.

Although we were poised to release this ebook several weeks ago, we delayed slightly in order to incorporate the latest info about iTunes 5, the iPod nano, and – for the sake of .Mac users – Backup 3. Because the iPod and iTunes are used by many Windows users, the ebook includes cross-platform details, making it useful for Windows-using friends and colleagues.

Like all Take Control ebooks, "Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music" comes with free minor updates that will keep it current with Apple’s constant stream of iPod and iTunes announcements, and if Apple announces yet another new iPod during the October 12th special event, you can depend on us to release a free update to keep the ebook up-to-date.

You can read more about the ebook, download a free 31-page excerpt, and place an order at:

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"Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger" Updated to 1.0.2 — Okay, so you’ve upgraded your Mac to Tiger, but what about your spouse’s Mac, and that older iMac at the office, and your non-technical friend who finally bought a copy of Tiger? Before performing any more upgrades, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version of Joe Kissell’s best-selling "Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger," which features five additional pages of information about upgrading to Tiger. Among the snippets of updated goodness are information about incompatibilities with certain PCI cards, new material on installing Mac OS 9 for Classic support, a warning about sleep settings during the upgrade process, a new recommendation regarding using Software Update after the upgrade, and updates on software incompatibilities and Apple’s Media Exchange Program. Of course, if you’ve already purchased "Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger," just click the Check for Updates button in the lower-left corner of your ebook’s first page to access your free update. Similarly, if you bought the print collection, "Take Control of Tiger," the URL you need to enter for free updates is on page xv of the Foreword. Try that with most books! And, if you haven’t yet bought your copy and upgraded to Tiger, remember that you can pick up the ebook for $5 and then go buy Tiger at Small Dog Electronics with the $5-off coupon, rendering the book absolutely free.

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