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Photo of Command Control Power listeners from ACEs 2017

Photo from ACEs 2017


Command Control Power Podcast Gets a Hilarious Jonathan Mann Theme Song

One of my favorite parts of our TidBITS Content Network business is that I get to talk with a lot of Apple consultants and resellers, who can’t resist sharing wonderfully geeky stories of tech tribulations. Outside of conferences like MacTech, one of my regular sources for such tales has become the Command Control Power podcast, hosted weekly by consultants Joe Saponare of PsiMac, Sam Valencia of HCS Technology Group, and Jerry Zigmont of MacWorks.

When I went to play the most recent episode, though, I was stunned to discover that they had commissioned songwriter extraordinaire Jonathan Mann to write them a theme song. Taking its cue from the podcast’s motto—“Have you tried restarting?”—the song is hilariously fabulous. Give it a listen.

(Jonathan Mann is the guy who has written an original song every day since January 2009. His best-known piece is “The iPhone Antenna Song,” which Steve Jobs played before the iPhone 4 press conference.)

The Command Control Power hosts also use our syndicated TidBITS Content Network tips and articles, which have come up a few times in recent episodes. In the 2 October 2018 “Pontiac Data Loss” episode, the hosts talked about sharing the advice we provide about when to upgrade to Mojave and iOS 12 with clients and also discussed making our articles required reading for their staff. Here’s a clip.

That topic of required reading came up again in the 16 October 2018 “Hey Siri, Will you dance with me?” episode. After reading our bonus article covering Apple’s keynote announcements, Joe Saponare decided to insist that all of his employees read it to ensure that they had a least-common-denominator level of knowledge. I was also super pleased to hear Joe and Sam Valencia talk about how we’re hitting a happy medium with our technical level.

[TCN content] doesn’t dumb it down, but it doesn’t make it too nuanced for the common reader to understand. So it’s in this universal language that works for a lot of different people.

Most recently, we gave our TCN subscribers a bonus article about Apple’s announcements of the new MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iPad Pro. In the 12 November 2018 “MacMini Why For Art Thou?” episode, the Command Control Power hosts talked about the utility of sharing such news with clients to show how they’re on top of what’s happening. In particular, Jerry Zigmont commented that such Apple announcements garnered the most clicks from his email newsletter.

If you do Apple support for a living, I strongly encourage you to add Command Control Power to your podcast queue—it’s like sitting around and shooting the breeze with a bunch of guys who are immersed in the world of helping individuals and businesses make the most of their Apple devices. And, of course, if you’d like some help generating content for your email newsletter or blog, please do give our TidBITS Content Network a try.

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  1. We’ve gotta find out how much that costs and do it here. Play it every time you take the stage somewhere.

  2. If we ever do a podcast, yeah, this is absolutely worth looking into.

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