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Apple Launches Purchase Program for US Military and Veterans

For many years, Apple has made available a version of its online store that offers special discounts to students and educators. The company has now opened the Apple Veterans and Military Store for current and veteran members of the US military, National Guard, and Reserve, plus members of their immediate families residing in the same household. The discount is good for 10% off all Apple products, but you can use it only on items intended for personal use and there are limits on how many products you can buy each year.

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Comments About Apple Launches Purchase Program for US Military and Veterans

Notable Replies

  1. OMG! Relatives who reside in the same household as a service member or veteran qualify for the discount, so my husband and I will both qualify for a significant savings, and we both need new Macs.

  2. If the military exchanges are selling Apple products at that special discount, that will be a really significant savings in states with a high sales tax since the exchanges are tax exempt.

    Good on Apple, glad to see corporate support of our active duty military members as well as vets and families.

  3. Well, gosh. I could have saved $120 on my purchase of the MacBook Air last month. US Army, 1954-57.

  4. I decided to check into this further and was told that my Nov. 4 purchase would not qualify since the veterans discount program did not begin until Dec. 3. I suppose I could return my Mac and place a new order but that would not be worth it and would not sit well with my conscience either.

  5. Aside from your conscience, I don’t think that would actually work. Since you bought on Nov 4 (i.e. before holiday shopping season which Apple IIRC started 11/4) the 14-day return period applies. So with that having run out you would now have to pay the 10% restocking fee. And that would pretty much eat up all savings you’d get through the vet discount.

  6. Excellent point. Been an Apple user since 1986 and have never returned any purchase so I was just speculating.

  7. I haven’t made use of it a whole lot myself. I think only once when I wanted to see if an 11" MBA would be too small. I purchased it basically expecting to return it within 14 days.

    A somebody who’s often rather critical of Apple, I have to say though I find their return policy and the way they honor it exceptional. No questions, no nonsense. Speedy process and they refund promptly. Really a great overall experience.

    And 14 days (to get the process started, not to ship!) is rather generous, especially if you just want to test how something works for you. Heck, right now it’s extended all the way to Jan 8 so that’s really super customer friendly! :slight_smile: :+1:

  8. This no different than the EPP store I’ve been using for years as a member of the Air Force Association. I just compared some prices and they are the same.

  9. I could be wrong, but I thought the EPP Stores were just for current armed forces and government employees, not veterans who don’t belong to a specific organization. I also thought that the EPP Stores are limited to just Macs and iOS. And now I think Santa might bring a Watch to my husband for the holidays at a discount I didn’t expect till a few days ago.

  10. Maybe the Air Force Association was different but I’ve only had to click on an “I agree” button every now and then to use it. I’m retired Air Force. BTW, the AFA has a similar agreement with Dell.

  11. This is NOT through the military exchange, but just a special Apple Store. I just did a comparison for a new Mac Mini:

    Apple Store price: $1099 + tax
    Military Exchange: $1089 no tax
    Apple Mil/Vet price: $989 + tax

    If I bought the Mac Mini via the Mil/Vet store, then my total would be $1060.70, only $19.30 LESS than the exchange price.

  12. Perhaps the Exchange will also benefit from this deal at sometime in the near future. It takes time to clear current inventory and revise their contact with Apple, like all Government agencies hampered by red tape.

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