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Series 3 Apple Watches

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Apple Is Replacing Some Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 Cracked Screens

If your aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3 has a particular type of crack around its screen, we have good news: Apple will replace the screen free of charge. Apple said:

Apple has determined that, under very rare circumstances, a crack may form along the rounded edge of the screen in aluminum models of an Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3. The crack may begin on one side and then may continue around the screen as shown in the images below.

Apple Watch screens with cracking around the edge

The screen replacement program covers all aluminum models of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3, including GPS, GPS+Cellular, and Nike+ models. If you’re unsure which model you have, follow Apple’s instructions for identifying your Apple Watch.

If you have one of the included models with this sort of screen crack, you can make an appointment with an Apple Retail Store, contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact Apple Support to arrange mail-in service to an Apple Repair Center.

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Comments About Apple Is Replacing Some Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 Cracked Screens

Notable Replies

  1. For those who have a cracked watch screen and are not eligible for a repair (either through a recall or Applecare+), I did manage to squeeze a few more months use of my watch after using a car windshield repair liquid to seal the crack. It even retained waterproofing. Eventually the watch failed. I nearly fell over when Apple gave me a repair quote and ended up buying a new watch (with full Applecare, giving me two free repairs for accidental damage over two years - in Australia).

  2. NB in Australia that there is (?now) a A$100 service fee (or maybe should call it an excess, or copay?) for repairs through AppleCare+. I used both of mine because of trauma, and got a replacement each time. The battery life was better. The serial number was different, and non-standard: maybe it was a refurbished replacement.

  3. Bummer - I suppose it was too good to be true. But $100 is still a lot less than a new watch.

    It is interesting that I replied to an Apple discussion where a person’s watch stopped working after a swim. I said (in hindsight - naively) that it could be a quality control issue and they should take it to a Genius Bar to see if it was covered under warranty. That post was swiftly deleted by the moderator.

  4. In February 2019 my wife’s Apple Watch 3 screen cracked all the way around the four edges of the face. See attached photos. This happened for no reason that she could identify.
    She went through Apple support sending the photos and explanation. Shed did not have AppleCare.

    It was a battle but eventually, Apple sent her a NEW Series 3 watch. Originally they said it was her fault. Impossible. Have a look at the watch face.

  5. Bought my 1st Apple Watch series 2 Space Gray 42 mm serial: FH7TQ0SWHJLJ around nov 2017 in the US while in vacation in Florida. Back in Brazil, less than two years after purchased, recently while adjusting on my wrist the whole screen cracked evenly around the edge of all screen perimeter :confused: . Next day, I looked into it on the web and found that apple posted a quality issue about a premature crack screen on AWS2. I called apple support next day and opened a complaint, case #: 100892091022, they were very polite and told me that I should dispatch my watch to an Apple authorised shop in order to better assess the damage (OMNI INFORMATICA) and so I did reporting exactly so. A week later the shop sent me a report informing me that due to a swollen battery the screen cracked and detached, :expressionless: , coming to a conclusion on the same report that there was no repair and offering me to buy a New Apple Watch Series 2 for only USD 420 :# . I called apple support the next day to resolve this issue it took me 20 min to speak to someone and repeat the issue, I argued that I should get a watch for free, in response the senior apple support told me that I wouldn’t get a watch and that I could feel free to complain wherever and whatever :s . Now just frustration is taking place as I am seriously thinking If purchasing my Apple tv, AirPods, IPhoneX, Mac book, Magic Mouse and Apple Watch was worth it.

  6. That’s really shoddy behavior on the part of Apple Support. You seem to have done everything right, and the only two things I can suggest are:

    • Try again from scratch. Perhaps you got unlucky with the support reps you talked with.
    • If that fails, complain to Tim Cook’s office at [email protected] (with the photos) since the buck stops there. Given that Apple is acknowledging this problem, it seems really wrong for them to deny that you’re covered by it.
  7. The screen of my Apple Watch Series 1 popped off earlier this month, it still worked but obviously couldn’t be used in such a state. I think I got the Watch in late 2017 and had no warranty but googled and found stories (mostly from 2018) about this typically being caused by a swollen battery and Apple tending to repair or replace them, regardless of warranty status. I opened a support case through chat on the web, mentioning the a swollen battery as a possibility. They sent a box (at least some Apple Stores around here are open but mail seemed simpler), I sent the broken one in and in about 5 days I received a replacement Series 1. Since experiences vary by country, I’m in the U.S…

    The only slight downsides to the whole interaction were the Watch battery was charged less than 50% and it didn’t ship with the current watchOS which takes a long time to install (currently “About 1 day remaining”).

    7/23 Edit: That long install was at 13 hours when I went to bed and still at 13 hours when I got up so I canceled it. Unfortunately when I retry, the Watch app software update says the watchOS is up to date (5.3.8) but it doesn’t proceed with the pairing setup. Turning off my phone and factory resetting the Watch didn’t help, re-trying the pairing using my wife’s phone instead didn’t help. I got back on chat with Apple and they’re sending me another shipping box :slightly_frowning_face:.

    On the chat, the person said the 1 day update estimate was way off, that 20 minutes is more typical for a watchOS update. I don’t recall how fast past watchOS updates have been but I wonder if my iPhone 7 has a Bluetooth issue that makes transfers even slower than usual.

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