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Apple to Ship iOS 13 on September 19th, iOS 13.1 on September 30th

Traditionally, Apple reveals the ship dates for its upcoming operating systems during its September special event. This year, however, those dates weren’t mentioned during the presentation and only trickled out quietly afterward.

iOS 13.0 will become available on September 19th, the day before the new iPhones arrive in customers’ hands with iOS 13 installed. But don’t get too attached to that version, because Apple also said that iOS 13.1, which adds back several features that the company pulled from the betas of iOS 13, will ship just 11 days later, on September 30th.

Miscellaneous iOS 13 features

Although iPadOS is a superset of iOS 13, Apple is holding it until September 30th, presumably to coincide with the release date of the new iPads. We suspect that we’ll get iPadOS 13.1 on that date.

The company also said that watchOS 6 will hit the Internet on September 19th alongside iOS 13. That makes sense, given how tightly tied it is to iOS 13. And it matches with the ship date for the Apple Watch Series 5.

What about tvOS 13? Again, September 19th seems the most likely, just because Apple likes to pump everything out at once, but no external factors provide any other hints.

And for the $64,000 question, when will macOS 10.15 Catalina appear? Not on September 19th, or in September at all. All Apple has said is that we can expect it sometime in October. As such, if you upgrade to iOS 13, you’ll want to hold off on upgrading your Reminders database to take advantage of the new features, since those won’t sync with 10.14 Mojave. (Tap Upgrade Later when prompted by Reminders in iOS 13.)

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Comments About Apple to Ship iOS 13 on September 19th, iOS 13.1 on September 30th

Notable Replies

  1. So how do you prevent upgrading the Reminders database if you upgrade to iOS 13? Do you just not upgrade until Catalina is out?
    P. Dunn

  2. When there was a similar issue with a new Notes database in iOS 9 (I think that was the version), Notes presented a dialogue warning that updating to the new format would make it incompatible, and gave the option of not updating (which could instead be done at a later date). I imagine the same option will be available in iOS 13 for Reminders.

  3. Ok I didn’t remember that thank you!

    Patrick Dunn

  4. Ray

    Can you keep it the old version, as I assume the new Notes format will not work with Mojave Notes? What capabilities do you lose?

  5. I was talking about several years ago when Apple upgraded the capabilities of Notes and so introduced a new database to store and sync them. As far as I know, there is no change to Notes in iOS 13, so shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with MacOS Mojave. Maybe someone who’s used the beta can confirm?

  6. When you launch the new Reminders, it will prompt you to Upgrade Now or Upgrade Later. Just tap Upgrade Later and you’ll be fine. You just won’t get all the new features.

  7. No new phones on my end. Very happy that iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and Mini #4 is included in the iOS 13 uodate. So much for rumours they can’t be trusted, hence the name.

  8. GV

    In January we bought two new 32GB iPhone 6S from Consumer Cellular for $200/phone. They replaced our 5 year old 16GB 5S iPhones that were still going strong (batteries OK). But we wanted to get the slightly larger 6S (with a headphone jack :grinning: ) before they were long gone. The improved camera is a nice bonus. (Otterbox gave us a nice 33% discount when we bought new Defender cases via phone.)

    We hope to get at least 5 years out of the 6S. The days of upgrading our iPhones every 2 years are Long Gone. . . (iPhones: 3S/4S/5S/6S)

  9. Looks like the Apple website says 13.1 will be released on September 24th.

    Scroll down to the bottom. There area couple of ** beside 13.1 features:

    15%20PM 05%20PM

    And then at the bottom of the page:


  10. Ray

    And of course you cannot update your Watch OS until you have updated your Phone iOS. will wait

  11. Ray

    Just for my info, has anyone gotten the iOSPad update yet? Neither of my iPads can see the new update yet.

  12. You really wouldn’t want to. It’s very tightly integrated with iOS this time.

  13. Happily, it’s beyond speculation—Apple shows the 9/24 date on the iPadOS page I screenshotted in yesterday’s article, linked above.

  14. Actually, all reports I’ve read point out that the new WatchOS is the most independent of iPhone it’s ever been.

  15. That’s certainly true of several apps that formerly needed to run on the iPhone then report to the watch and can now run on the Watch itself, but the iOS / WatchOS interface is still quite tight and version dependent. Some new database formats, as well.

  16. Indeed. Thanks for pointing out that important distinction, Al.

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