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Slow Motion Video of the Apple Watch Ejecting Water

On YouTube, the Slow Mo Guys have put together a fun video showing how the Apple Watch ejects water from its speaker and microphone holes. They filmed at 1000 and 2000 frames per second using a Phantom Flex 4K video camera. It’s a fascinating—and highly magnified—look at Apple’s clever technique for keeping the Apple Watch water-resistant while still having a speaker and microphone. You’ll particularly like how the presenter gets water into his Apple Watch.


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Comments About Slow Motion Video of the Apple Watch Ejecting Water

Notable Replies

  1. What happens if you just hold your arm vertically with the speaker ports pointing down? Would more water be ejected in a shorter time with the aid of gravity?

  2. It appears you have to know you’re going to get wet and put it in water lock mode. What happens if you get your watch wet accidentally?

  3. Nothing really, except perhaps spurious touches of the display. The purpose of water lock is to prevent the display from accidental touches that can be caused by water touching it. The expulsion of water from the speaker is just a cool feature of getting out of water mode. If you’ve forgotten and the watch gets wet, you can just put it in water lock and then spin the crown to get it out.

    In my experience, the buzzes as you get out of water mode never expel all of the water. Some more will drip out later almost always. And it will eventually evaporate on its own if you don’t put the watch in water mode. (I do this a lot if I am going for a quick swim to cool off; I just don’t bother with water mode.)

  4. Now that it is Spring in Australia and I am back to swimming…
    My watch automatically goes into water lock mode when I select and start Pool Swim from the Workout app. When I get it underwater at other times it won’t lock, which can be a nuisance and so I might then select the lock manually.
    When I first got an Apple Watch a couple of years ago I am pretty sure it sometimes locked itself when immersed but that doesn’t seem to happen with latest OS.
    BTW I have bought a Caseology edge protector after breaking the edge of the screen a couple of times - once when it dropped onto a plastic deck from less than half a metre (I keep it on every time that I swim now!)

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