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No TidBITS Issue on 30 November 2020

This Thursday marks the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. We won’t be publishing an email issue on 30 November 2020 so our staffers and contributing editors can spend the coming week with family, friends, and food. Well, at least food and family who are members of our immediate households.

2020 has been a rough year, to say the least. Over a million people have died due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 250,000 of those being our fellow Americans. Countless others are ill, some critically, and even many who have recovered from the initial infection are suffering lingering aftereffects. Beyond that, the pandemic has devastated the economy, destroying businesses and leaving many unemployed.

To those who have suffered loss this year, you will be in our thoughts as we gather around our tables. We plan to count our blessings wherever we can find them, and we encourage you to try to do so as well. The coming winter may be dark, but spring will come again and hopefully bring with it widespread distribution of a safe, effective vaccine.

In the meantime, please stay home this holiday season, and if you must go out, wear a mask and wash or sanitize your hands often. We love our readers and hope to spend many more years with you.

Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner cover

While we’ll miss our extended families this year, there’s comfort in food. We will again be consulting the handy worksheets from Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner for our dinner preparations—no one lays out what needs to be done better or more clearly than Joe, so check out his book if you’re looking for help.

Although the weekly email issue of TidBITS won’t appear next Monday, we’ll continue to publish articles on the TidBITS site. To keep up with everything, visit our site, subscribe to our RSS feed—remember that TidBITS members get a full-text feed—or follow us in Apple News or on Twitter. Look for the next email issue on 7 December 2020!

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Comments About No TidBITS Issue on 30 November 2020

Notable Replies

  1. Glad to hear you guys are taking a break. Certainly well deserved after such a tumultuous year. Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: :heart: to you all and stay safe! :slight_smile:

  2. Stay safe everyone. My T-Day will be with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.

    BTW, perhaps it’s time for an update to “Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner” to add checklists for setting up a virtual Thanksgiving.

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