This article originally appeared in TidBITS on 2016-05-23 at 7:38 a.m.
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No Email Issue on 30 May 2016 for Memorial Day

by Josh Centers

Next Monday is the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, when a number of TidBITS staffers have family commitments, so we’re taking next week’s email issue off.

TidBITS will return to your inbox on 6 June 2016, and we’ll continue to publish new articles throughout the next two weeks. TidBITS members [1] can receive articles in email as soon as they’re published, along with reading the full text of articles via RSS, and everyone else can follow along on our Web site [2], with headline notifications via RSS [3], Twitter [4], and Facebook [5]. And if you’d like to take advantage of the time to catch up on some back issues, they’re all available online and you can even get them via email (see “Resend TidBITS Issues to Yourself [7],” 8 March 2013).