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Botched Firmware Update Bricks Smart Locks

Home automation can be great, but it’s not without downsides, as owners of the LockState RemoteLock 6i have discovered. An errant software update rendered the remote control aspects of their locks inoperable, although the locks can still be unlocked with a key. Airbnb hosts are particularly affected because RemoteLock locks can be integrated directly with Airbnb to manage and monitor Airbnb properties remotely. The worst part? To fix the problem, users must ship their locks to LockState to replace the firmware, which takes 5 to 7 days, or LockState can send a replacement lock, which will take 14 to 18 days. Either way, owners of these locks must physically remove them to address this digital problem.favicon follow link


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B. Jefferson Le Blanc  2017-08-21 19:34
There are almost 600 comments so far on the original article at ARStechnica. Besides what this says about the competence of LockState's engineers, it raises serious issues about home automation in general. Back in the day when home automation was science fiction it was often portrayed as a kind of Frankenstein monster. Now that home automation is more or less a reality, perhaps that premise is worth another look. Echo anyone?

My sister had a "smart" thermostat in her new home. After it failed for the second time, she replaced it with an old fashioned mechanical thermostat. You know, the kind that last for decades.
Somewhat OT but interesting ... I have a LockState unit in one of my rentals and it does NOT connect to the internet. Yet, I get the renter codes from their website! The site generates the code based on the time, date and serial number of the lock. The lock has an algorithm that can check the code against it's serial number and come up with the times and dates it's ok to unlock. All it takes is a good 9V in the lock!