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Verizon Wireless Throttling Video for New Unlimited Customers

When Verizon Wireless announced the return of unlimited data plans earlier this year, we were afraid it was too good of a deal. Verizon now offers an unlimited plan for $75 per month ($5 less than before) but will throttle video streams so that they cannot exceed 480p (DVD) resolution on phones and 720p on tablets. Those resolution limits will also apply to mobile hotspots, which will also be capped at 600 Kbps. Verizon has also announced a new $85-per-month Beyond Unlimited plan that lets you stream video in HD resolutions and includes 15 GB of 4G LTE data for tethering per month, throttling data to 600 Kbps after 15 GB. The good news is that if you currently subscribe to Verizon’s previous $80-per-month unlimited plan, you get the benefits of Beyond Unlimited for the same price as before.favicon follow link


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They aren't just throttling for new customers, it's all customers.