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Bill Dickson

Bill Dickson

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Internet Explorer Kit for Macintosh

Adam: You know, Bill, we should mention that Internet Explorer Kit for Macintosh (Hayden Books, ISBN# 1-56830-089-1) is now out and probably even in bookstores. Bill: That was less than subtle, Adam

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Empowering Your Duo II or How Dumb Can I Be?

In TidBITS #183, I gave a brief account of a simple solution to a common Duo problem - poor contact between the battery and the Duo, resulting in frequent shutdowns

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Empowering Your Duo

I was having some trouble with my Duo. Now, this was no ordinary trouble. This wasn't some problem with somebody's machine crashing now and then, or constant unjustified out of memory errors, or anything trivial like that

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Xtras for System 7

[Editor's note: This is the first in an informal series of articles exploring different methods of software distribution. It's clear, I think, that the current commercial channels prevent much good software from coming to market, and even when a program does make it, often the programmer(s) reap few rewards in comparison to the distributors and resellers in the middle, each with a markup and a profit margin

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Crash DTP Survival Course

Before, I couldn't even kern "Desktop Publisher." Now I are one. So there I was, in a mild state of panic, babbling semi-coherently at Adam over the phone