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Marco Tabini

Marco Tabini

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SOHO Labels 6

Adds support for Aperture and iPhoto, new label editing capabilities, layers, and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. ($25 upgrade for current owners, $39.99 new)

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Cyberduck 4.2

Improves compatibility with Amazon Web Services, Google storage products, and OpenSSH, and provides better drag-and-drop support. (Free update, 23.6 MB)

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MarsEdit 3.4.1

Improves media management and compatibility with Flickr, as well as support for external editing systems. ($39.95 new, free update, 6.3 MB)

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Camino 2.1

Improves URL autocompletion, ad blocking and privacy capabilities, standards compliance, localizations, and compatibility with Netflix. (Free, 18.5 MB)

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Safari 5.1.2

Improves stability, addresses memory usage issues, and makes it possible to embed PDF documents in Web pages. (Free update, 38.7 MB Lion/47.1 MB Snow Leopard)

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Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.2 and Nisus Writer Express 3.4.1

Introduces Brazilian Portuguese localization and provides numerous bug fixes. (Free updates, 146 MB and 42 MB respectively)

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VMware Fusion 4.1.1

Removes the capability to virtualize Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard that was introduced in version 4.1; introduces “smart” support for 10.7 Lion’s full-screen mode; improves startup, graphics, and animation performance. ($79.99 new, on sale for $49.99, free update, 181 MB)

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SpamSieve 2.8.8

Adds support for Postbox 3.0 and Growl 1.3, provides improved filtering accuracy and improves compatibility with Apple Mail. ($30 new, free update, 8.8 MB)

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Postbox 3

The email client gains additional integration with Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, iCal, Google Calendar, and social networking services, along with canned responses and improved support for Mac OS X capabilities like gestures and full-screen mode. ($29.95 new, free for users who purchased after 15 August 2011, $9.95 upgrade, 21.4 MB)

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DEVONthink Personal, Pro, and Pro Office 2.3.1

Information assistant gains custom icons in template and scripts menus, plus new search capabilities and improvements to the advertisement filter, RSS parser, handling of storage background processes, and importing and indexing of several file formats. ($49.95/$79.95/$149.95 new, free updates, 17.5 to 28.4 MB)

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Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Update 1 and Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 6

Java updates addresses multiple security vulnerabilities. (Free, 62.53 MB and 74.45 MB)

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Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.9

Adds raw image compatibility to iPhoto ’11 and Aperture 3 for recently released cameras from several manufacturers. (Free, 7.2 MB)

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MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.5

Resolves an issue that could cause MacBook Pros to unexpectedly shut down. (Free, 730 KB)

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Sandvox 2.2

The Web site creation software gains support for maps and several new formatting options, and also improves its server communications and raw HTML editing capabilities. ($79.99 new, free update, 32 MB)

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Fantastical 1.1

The calendar utility adds editing and deleting of events, as well as adding and editing notes and support for iCloud calendars. ($19.99 new, free update, 1.1 MB)