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Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull has been working in the security world for over 20 years, and breaking computers (usually by accident) even longer. After about 10 years in physical security (mostly running large events/concerts), he made the mistake of getting drunk in Silicon Valley and telling someone he “worked in security.” Next morning he woke up with a job as an IT security consultant. That’s not totally true, but it’s far more amusing than his full biography. He currently works as the VP of Product for DisruptOPS and an independent security analyst at He previously spent seven years as an analyst with Gartner. Rich is also a paramedic, done stints as a firefighter and with Rocky Mountain Rescue, and recently retired from ski patrol when he moved to sunny Arizona. He still dabbles in disaster medicine, when nature cooperates.

Rich Mogull 7 comments

The Million Dollar iOS Hack (Isn’t)

Although a security exploit broker paid out ONE MILLION DOLLARS for an iOS 9 attack, most users are safe, and the exploit’s days are already numbered.

Rich Mogull Adam Engst 14 comments

XcodeGhost Exploits the Security Economics of Apple’s Ecosystem

XcodeGhost is a new piece of malware that uses modified versions of Xcode to insert malicious code into popular iOS apps. This appears to affect only Chinese apps, because bandwidth limitations in China are what prompted developers to download modified copies of Xcode from unofficial sources, rather than going straight to Apple.

Rich Mogull 15 comments

What You Need to Know About the Thunderstrike 2 Worm

Researchers will demonstrate a new proof-of-concept worm that attacks Mac firmware at this week’s Black Hat security conference. It’s fascinating research, but not something average users should worry about.

Rich Mogull 1 comment

How the Apple Watch Could Improve Security

As a secure second device likely to be with its owner at nearly all times, the Apple Watch offers some compelling opportunities to improve account security.

Rich Mogull 8 comments

Apple Pay Exposes Insecure Bank Policies

Apple Pay is being blamed for a rash of new credit card fraud cases. TidBITS Security Editor Rich Mogull argues that it’s merely exposing existing weaknesses in bank security.

Rich Mogull 16 comments

The Good News about the CIA Targeting Apple

The latest revelation from Edward Snowden’s trove of confidential documents shows that the CIA has long been targeting Apple, along with other major technology companies. Security analyst Rich Mogull explains why average users don’t need to worry, and why this news is actually good.

Rich Mogull 17 comments

Thunderstrike Proof-of-Concept Attack Serious, but Limited

The recently demonstrated Thunderstrike proof-of-concept attack could infiltrate a Mac at the hardware level, but few users need to worry about it given its need for physical access.

Rich Mogull 42 comments

The Real Reason Some Merchants Are Blocking Apple Pay… for Now

Some retailers not only refuse to directly support Apple Pay, they deliberately block use even when their cash registers accidentally support it. It’s not a reaction to Apple, but a direct response to mistreatment by the credit card brands.

Rich Mogull 18 comments

How Spotlight Suggestions Handles Privacy

In iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Spotlight now searches the Internet, not just your local device, for the information you are looking for. Going beyond Apple’s documentation, TidBITS Security Editor Rich Mogull digs into how Apple provides relevant results while still managing your privacy.

Rich Mogull 6 comments

You Are Apple’s Greatest Security Challenge

As the recent celebrity photo thefts showed, Apple now faces cloud security challenges that few other companies — even international banks — have had to address so far.

Rich Mogull 19 comments

Apple and Google Spark Civil Rights Debate

By both dramatically enhancing phone encryption and marketing it as a defense against government snooping, Apple and Google are accelerating an important debate on civil rights and the role of government in our lives.

Rich Mogull 23 comments

Macs Mostly Safe from Bash Vulnerability, but Be Ready to Patch

Although all Macs are vulnerable to the recently disclosed Bash shell vulnerability, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be exploited. Security Editor Rich Mogull tells you why.

Rich Mogull 5 comments

iCloud Flaw Not Source of Celebrity Photo Theft

A reported Find My iPhone security flaw wasn’t responsible for the recent theft of celebrity photos, according to Apple, but iCloud may still have been the source of the images.

Rich Mogull 26 comments

How to Protect Your iCloud Keychain from the NSA

Apple has released extensive details on iOS and iCloud security in a new white paper. One of the gems is how iCloud Keychain works, and the best way to configure it for the best possible security.

Rich Mogull 5 comments

How Apple Protects Your iPhone from Your Employer

With the release of iOS 7, Apple redefined how employers manage iOS devices. Among other things, if you use your own iPhone or iPad for work, it protects your data from your employer just as strongly as it attempts to prevent work data from being accessed by personal apps or email accounts.