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Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull has been working in the security world for over 20 years, and breaking computers (usually by accident) even longer. After about 10 years in physical security (mostly running large events/concerts), he made the mistake of getting drunk in Silicon Valley and telling someone he “worked in security.” Next morning he woke up with a job as an IT security consultant. That’s not totally true, but it’s far more amusing than his full biography. He currently works as the VP of Product for DisruptOPS and an independent security analyst at He previously spent seven years as an analyst with Gartner. Rich is also a paramedic, done stints as a firefighter and with Rocky Mountain Rescue, and recently retired from ski patrol when he moved to sunny Arizona. He still dabbles in disaster medicine, when nature cooperates.

Rich Mogull 18 comments

What Apple Data the U.S. Government Can and Cannot Access

Responding to recent allegations that the NSA can spy on users of online services, Apple has clarified what private user data the U.S. government can access. Apple’s statements, plus the released material, provide a clearer picture of how and where you data could be exposed. The short version? Ignore the hyperbole.

Rich Mogull 17 comments

iCloud for Families Debuts

Apple has released an unexpected update to iCloud with a host of useful features for managing the complexities of modern family life. Some of the capabilities of iCloud for Families will no doubt generate controversy, but overall, we expect that parents will welcome the additional communication and control.

Rich Mogull 11 comments

Isolate Adobe Flash by Using Google Chrome

Adobe Flash isn’t only vulnerable, it’s being used to hack Macs. Instead of merely applying the latest patch, Security Editor Rich Mogull shows you how to sandbox Flash and limit future attacks.

Rich Mogull 10 comments

Do You Need Mac Antivirus Software in 2013?

Despite much-publicized Flashback infections in 2012, most Mac users still don’t need antivirus software. We explain why, and which situations might warrant it.

Rich Mogull 16 comments

Examining Apple’s Security Efforts in 2012

2012 was a watershed year for Apple’s security efforts. While dealing with significant challenges, the company made strong advances, setting the stage for strong security for years to come.

Rich Mogull 48 comments

Answering Questions about Sandboxing, Gatekeeper, and the Mac App Store

The combination of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper and Apple’s recently enacted sandboxing requirement for the Mac App Store will provide Mac users with significant protection from attackers, but Apple will need to maintain the right balance of control and freedom or risk hamstringing the Mac platform.

Rich Mogull Jeff Carlson 5 comments

Apple Hardens Security with Mac OS X 10.7.4 and Safari 5.1.7

With the release of Mac OS X 10.7.4, Apple closes the legacy FileVault password exposure and adds an important security feature to keep Adobe Flash users safe on Macs.

Rich Mogull 7 comments

How to Tell If Your Cloud Provider Can Read Your Data

Sometimes it’s hard to know how cloud providers protect your data, and if they can take a peek. Security Editor Rich Mogull shows you how you can figure out for yourself just how secure your cloud-hosted data and files are.

Rich Mogull 25 comments

Gatekeeper Slams the Door on Mac Malware Epidemics

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion introduces a new security feature to help users install downloaded software only when it comes from trusted sources. This is the first major advance in consumer security to protect users from being tricked into downloading malicious applications.

Rich Mogull 19 comments

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Stalks iOS

Apple has now released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion as a developer preview, and TidBITS Security Editor Rich Mogull provides a first look at how Mountain Lion will bring key iOS features and apps to the Mac, make iCloud essential, and significantly change the security playing field with Gatekeeper.

Rich Mogull 12 comments

How to Lose and Recover iCloud Data

It’s all too easy to make a simple mistake and lose important data stored in iCloud forever. Here’s a technique to recover your information, assuming you have it backed up on your Mac.

Rich Mogull 10 comments

Will Siri Change the Rules of the Search Game?

Siri has the potential to disrupt the search engine market, but is that really Apple’s intention?

Rich Mogull 7 comments

Steve Jobs: Sharing the Joy

TidBITS security editor Rich Mogull finds that, for him, Steve Jobs’s joy of creation mattered more than the objects themselves.

Rich Mogull 11 comments

Lion Security: Building on the iOS Foundation

Lion leverages lessons learned from iOS to be Apple’s most significant security update to Mac OS X ever. Here are four security key changes, why they matter, and what we can expect in the future.

Rich Mogull 21 comments

The Future Is Disposable

Imagine a future where your Mac, iPhone, and iPad are merely disposable appliances, not the center of your digital life. For some of us this future is now, and while it’s not yet cheap or as easy as it should be, Apple is taking us in that direction with iCloud, Lion, and iOS 5.