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iOS 5 and iCloud Set to Arrive October 12th

Both iOS 5 and iCloud will launch 12 October 2011. Apple added one significant feature to what had previously been promised for iOS 5. It also showed its latest attempt at greeting cards.Show full article

BBEdit 10.1 Further Enhances Text Editing

The powerful text editor gains a few new features that are mostly of interest to developers, but also boasts a slew of changes and bug fixes that everyone will appreciate.Show full article

Tim Cook Shares Apple’s Latest Numbers

Apple is on top of the world, and is happy to share the sales and download figures that prove it. Tune in for Apple’s latest stats.Show full article

iPod touch and iPod nano Receive Minor Updates

With Apple’s recent focus on the iPhone 4S, iOS 5, and iCloud, the iPod touch and iPod nano garnered only brief attention, both in last week’s media event and in Apple’s development efforts. However a few changes are worth noting.Show full article

New iPhone 4S Adds Voice Recognition and Goes Global

The iPhone 4S isn’t a revolutionary phone, but it combines several bits of advanced technology into what looks like a compelling upgrade.Show full article

Apple’s World Phone Isn’t Global for Customers

The iPhone 4S’s capability to switch between the dominant global GSM standard and the heavily used CDMA flavor favored by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel in the United States makes it the first dual-standard phone sold by Apple, and a rare bird among phones from all manufacturers. But this hardware feature doesn’t mean consumers have much carrier choice. Show full article

Sprint Keeps Unlimited Data for iPhone 4S Plans

If you really want unlimited data, Sprint Nextel is the carrier to pick for your iPhone 4S purchase.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 10 October 2011

The About Face award this week goes to Netflix, which has backed down on splitting the company into streaming and DVD businesses after complaints from customers. Also this week, we point to articles at Macworld about sandboxing worries and Thunderbolt complexity, note Microsoft’s dropping of Zune players, and explain the recent SSL certificate problems.Show full article

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