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A look at the murky world of Apple repair anchors this issue, and supporting topics include a report about mouse button problems, a review of Peachpit Press’s "Silicon Mirage," various and sundry SyQuest drive news, an announcement of upcoming events put on by an email-accessible computer bookstore, and a number of useful notes about new Apple servers, the LC III, and a Duo 230/PowerPoint 3.0 conflict.

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The European pricing article in TidBITS-168 prompted a tremendous response, which I've forwarded in part to various groups, where I hope the discussion will continue

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Apple Announcements

Apple Announcements -- Apple announced a bunch of network-oriented products today, including several dedicated servers based on the Centris 610, Quadra 800, and Quadra 950, a new text-retrieval package called AppleSearch, and two new versions of AppleShare, called AppleShare 4.0 and AppleShare Pro, that offer higher performance for more users

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PowerPointing a Duo

PowerPointing a Duo -- Andrew Nielsen reports, "We've discovered a problem with the Duo 230 and Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0, which rampantly crashes the Duo when launched

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LC III Quirk

LC III Quirk -- Matt Strange writes: After a frustrating few hours trying to configure some LC IIIs yesterday, I discovered something you may not know - but definitely should. According to Katie Kenny of Farallon, "Due to a last minute change in the design of the LC III, any add-on card that has an FPU on it will crash the machine." [Indeed it will!] "The remedy is to remove the FPU from the card and put it in the socket on the motherboard." My experience showed this to be a real problem and a real solution

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Computer Literacy Comes of Teen-Age

Flower Power, Jefferson Airplane, hot tubs, Apple, and now this. Northern Californians should be made liable for additional taxes for, in our galaxy, the unique privilege of having the Computer Literacy Bookshops (CLB) in their own backyard

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VideoShop 1.0 Free Offer

SyQuest and DiVA are offering a free full working version of DiVA's VideoShop 1.0 pre-loaded on 5.25" removable SyQuest cartridges. (You do have to buy a 44 MB or 88 MB cartridge, though.) Most SyQuest integrators are offering the deal, which ends 30-Apr-93, although it may be extended a few more weeks

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Other SyQuest News

Third Party Cartridges -- An independent company, Nomai, has started selling cartridges in Europe for use with SyQuest drives. That sounds innocuous enough, but SyQuest filed a suit late last year to prevent Nomai from shipping cartridges and claimed in the suit that Nomai's cartridges could possibly damage the SyQuest drive's read-write head and that could in turn cause data loss on other SyQuest-brand cartridges

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Mouse Button Problems

Almost two years ago I began noticing posts on Usenet about Macintosh mouse problems in which the mouse button appears to stick, not mechanically, but in effect

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Apple Repair, Part 17

All this talk of what should and shouldn't be done as far as component-level repair made me think, and I realized that no one knows what goes on within Apple in terms of old parts