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New Macs once again grace the electrons of this issue, with details on the Quadra 605, the LC 475, and the Duo 250 and 270c, not to mention an infinite number of strangely numbered Performas. The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh hits the shelves and is also available for direct ordering at discount for TidBITS readers. Finally, Wolfgang Naegeli reports on PowerTalk, and the AudioVision video input port turns out not to be live.

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Matthew Cravit writes "A colleague of mine at work just purchased a Centris 660AV and AudioVision monitor. After sorting out the adapter mix-up, he tells me that the adapter has one glaring weakness

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The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh

My book, The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, is printed and available for ordering. Bookstores should have it in stock soon. You don't have to go through a bookstore, since Hayden accepts credit card orders via email, phone, and fax

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The Proliferation Continues

My editorial on the proliferating number of Macs in TidBITS #192 incited plenty of comments, ranging from those who agree with me (although some think it is too late and that licensing the MacOS fit in there as well), to those who thought I wasn't looking hard enough for this information (check out the mac-facts files in the /info directory at ), to those who thought I had lost my marbles in suggesting that Apple stoop to the level of PC clones

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PowerTalk Arrives

[Next week Apple will reportedly release PowerTalk, the AOCE client software, although the server software, the PowerShare Collaboration Server, won't ship until early next year