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This issue features our picks for the most interesting products and events at the recent San Francisco Macworld Expo, complete with Adam’s take on Internet software at the show, Tonya’s report on the state of QuickDraw GX fonts and applications, and our traditional Macworld Expo superlatives. The usual complement of MailBITS commenting on previous articles round out the issue.

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We're all back from Macworld San Francisco, where we had a good time despite gusty wind and rain and a somewhat ho-hum show. Our personal high points came when playing country mice riding up the multiple floors of semi-circular escalators at the Nordstrom store on Market Street and riding up the 32-floor-high external glass elevators at the Westin St

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Hayden Sponsoring

Hayden Sponsoring -- We'd like to welcome our latest sponsor, Hayden Books, the company that publishes Tonya's and my books, along with many other titles

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PowerCity Notes

PowerCity Notes -- PowerCity, which started sponsoring TidBITS last week, was briefly overwhelmed by the unexpectedly enthusiastic response. Unfortunately, their response time increased significantly during the peak load times

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CD-ROM Arrives

Charles Wheeler writes: Your end of the year report in TidBITS-257 neglected to mention that 1994 was finally the year CD-ROM gained mass acceptance after years of trying

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Metrowerks Cross-Platform Development

David M. Palmer writes: On the subject of DOS compatibility, Metrowerks, which in the past year has become THE Macintosh development system company, has announced CodeWarrior Platinum, which is the Metrowerks developer environment (Pascal, C, C++, etc.) that can compile for the 68x00, the PowerPC, and the Intel 80x86

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Macworld Expo – Internet Wannabes Galore

Every year, like all members of the press, we try to figure out the unofficial theme of the show. This year, the annual Netters' Dinner stood in traditional relief against this unofficial theme: Internet products by those who don't quite get it (and a few who do)

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QuickDraw GX at the Expo

After writing about QuickDraw GX in TidBITS-243 , I settled in to wait for Macworld Expo, where I hoped to see the wonders of GX fonts in action. GX has gobs of practical problems, but I thought (and still think) that the fonts are compelling enough to make some abandon practicality and to make others improve the practicality. Mainstream vendors of the feature-laden monstrosities we consider "popular" programs appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach to supporting GX fonts (though support for the GX printing architecture is more common)