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Tune in this week to find out more about Cyberdog, Apple’s upcoming OpenDoc-based Internet client. We also have information about a few deals: a way to get Informed Designer for free and a rebate offer for the Newton MessagePad 120. MailBITS and articles about Apple’s first quad-speed CD-ROM drive, Now Software taking over DateBook and TouchBase, a Windows version of Timbuktu Pro, and part III of Tonya’s desktop launcher series round out the issue.

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Apple CD600 Quad-Speed CD-ROM

Apple CD600 Quad-Speed CD-ROM -- In mid-April, Apple announced plans to make their first quad-speed CD-ROM drives available to customers in May at about the same price they currently charge for their double-speed CD-ROM drives ($350 to $450)

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Newton News

Newton News -- Thinking about buying a Newton? If so, you'll want to note that between now and through the last day in July, Apple is offering a $50 rebate on the purchase of a MessagePad 120

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Conflict Catcher 3 Conflict

Conflict Catcher 3 Conflict -- Nathan Ainspan writes: There is one problem with Conflict Catcher 3 that has been recognized and corrected. People with Open Sesame from Charles River Analytics will find that CC3 will conflict with this application and cause the computer to either hang or crash

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Get Informed

Get Informed -- If you've ever wanted to try Shana Corporation's $295 Informed Designer, a application for designing forms, now's your chance to pick up the package at a minimal cost

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More PIMs, Now

More PIMs, Now -- Late last month, Adobe and Now Software announced that Now Software would take over the development, marketing, and support of Adobe's DateBook (for both Mac and Windows) and TouchBase personal information managers

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Macs Control Windows

Macs Control Windows -- Last week Farallon announced Timbuktu Pro for Windows, a program that enables collaboration between Windows and Macintosh users over local networks or over the Internet

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Apple Reveals Cyberdog

Two of the more important products revealed at last week's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), OpenDoc and Cyberdog, may find themselves among the most important products in Apple's near future. OpenDoc (see TidBITS-256) is a next-generation model of software that uses small, reusable components that can be combined in different ways to create the equivalent of today's programs (although that's not to say that OpenDoc parts can't be combined in unique ways)