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Info this week on a new version of Apple’s Sound Manager, plus an update on the compatibility of Open Transport, Apple’s replacement for MacTCP. We also bring news on a set of useful Mac-oriented Web sites, speculation on possible contention between OpenDoc and the growing trend toward mega-applications, and the conclusion of Tonya’s two-part review of FullWrite 2.0, a high-end word processor contender.

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Open Transport 1.0 Woes

Open Transport 1.0 Woes -- Orren Merton writes: Open Transport, Apple Computer's highly-touted new networking system (currently only available on the new Power Mac 9500s - version 1.1 will reportedly appear this fall for the rest of the Mac line), in its current form does not allow for stable, consistent PPP connections

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ClarisWorks 4.0 & Kanji

ClarisWorks 4.0 & Kanji -- Dan Miller of ZiffNet/Mac wrote in regard to problems displaying Kanji text in ClarisWorks 4.0 reported in TidBITS-284, saying that he had experienced no trouble using ClarisWorks 4.0 with version 1.2 of the Japanese Language Kit (although it may well have problems with earlier versions of the JLK)

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OpenDoc & Netscape

Dave Martin made an interesting comment in regard to the MailBIT about how future versions of Netscape Navigator will integrate Macromedia Director's Shockwave playback technology (see TidBITS-281)

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More Mac Web Sites

I don't want to continually list Web sites that contain Macintosh information, since for the most part, they're all linked on the Web itself. We'll make this the last time for a while... Well Connected Mac Moving -- Elliotte Harold informs us that his Well Connected Mac site is moving to: The old URL will server as a mirror for a while, but will eventually disappear. Elliotte said the move was prompted in part by the fact that the old URL was almost impossible to remember and hard to type properly

Tonya Engst No comments

FullWrite, Part II of II

This review continues from last week's issue, TidBITS-284. Last week I looked at how a high school student (my youngest sister) and how a graduate student (my other sister) might use FullWrite