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People who like to push the Web’s edge will be pleased to read about beta releases of Java-enabled Netscape and of Amber, an Acrobat plug-in for Netscape. We also have news about California’s NetDay, a cheap way to buy a Mac, Open Transport 1.1b16, and the testing tool QC 1.2. The issue continues with a helpful review of FileMaker 3.0, a look at problems InterNIC has had administering domain names, and an essay about personal Web servers.

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NetDay 96

NetDay 96 -- On 09-Mar-96, thousands of volunteers in California will go to their local schools and help connect them to the Internet. In each school, volunteers will pull Category 5 twisted pair cable from five classrooms and a library or computer lab to a central wiring closet

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QC Goes PowerPC Native

QC Goes PowerPC Native -- Onyx Technologies has released the long-anticipated PowerPC-native version of QC, its popular software testing tool. Version 1.2 offers significantly increased performance on Power Macs, plus additional tools previously unavailable under the Modern Memory Manager

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InterNIC Employs a Guard Dog

You wouldn't think the guy that John Markoff of the New York Times described as one of the greatest computer security experts in the world could have his domain name ripped off, would you? It appears the InterNIC is not immune to many of the forces that Tsutomu Shimomura and Markoff wrote about in Takedown, their book about the tracking of hacker Kevin Mitnick