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Considering the purchase of a Newton? Don’t miss this week’s detailed review of the Newton MessagePad 2000, written by a long-time Newton owner who recently bought the latest model. This week, we also examine each of the entries in our TidBITS Search Engine Shootout, and bring you news about the upcoming PowerBook 2400c, and Aladdin Systems purchasing Rev.

Adam Engst No comments

Aladdin Revs Up

Aladdin Revs Up -- Aladdin Systems has acquired publishing rights to 6prime's Rev, the $99.95 easy-to-use revision control software I reviewed back in TidBITS-362

David Gewirtz No comments

MessagePad 2000: New Newton Exceeds Expectations

It took a long time, but I'm finally the proud owner of a slick MessagePad 2000 (MP2K). Getting it was a challenge. The original unit I purchased was stolen en route from NewtonSource to my office, but after a week or so (and thanks to a harried NewtonSource employee), a unit is in my hands