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Is Apple thinking different? In this issue we look at the new Apple Store and Apple’s new G3 Macs, complete with an in-depth examination of the technology behind the G3 chip and backside cache. We also have news of Qualcomm purchasing Now Software, QuarkXPress 4.0; Eudora Internet Mail Server 2.0; Greebles, a game from Stairways Software; plus new minor updates to Speed Doubler, BBEdit, and QuicKeys.

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Qualcomm Buys Now Software

Qualcomm Buys Now Software -- Qualcomm, the wireless communications company best known in the Macintosh world for Eudora, today announced its acquisition of Now Software, makers of Now Utilities and Now Up-to-Date

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BBEdit 4.5.1… and 4.5.1a

BBEdit 4.5.1... and 4.5.1a -- Last week, Bare Bones Software released an update to BBEdit, a widely used text, HTML, and programming editor. According to the press release, the new BBEdit 4.5.1 supports HTML tags for style sheets, frames, scripts, and applets, plus provides enhanced HTML updating and validation

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QuicKeys Revs for Mac OS 8

QuicKeys Revs for Mac OS 8 -- After installing Mac OS 8, QuicKeys users have encountered problems with installed contextual menu commands not appearing on menus and with the Close Window and Zoom Window Mousies failing

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Connectix Updates Speed Doubler

Connectix Updates Speed Doubler -- Connectix has posted an English updater for Speed Doubler that takes the recently released Speed Doubler 8.0 to 8.0.1A (see our MailBIT in TidBITS-402 for more Speed Doubler 8 information)

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Stairways Software Releases Greebles

Stairways Software Releases Greebles -- In a departure from their focus on Mac Internet tools like Anarchie, NetPresenz, and Internet Config, Peter Lewis's Stairways Software has released their first game, called Greebles

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Is Apple Thinking Different?

At a press conference today, Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs announced a line of new Macs and Apple's new WebObjects-based Apple Store, which enables customers to purchase Macs and other Apple products online and to customize the configurations of the new G3 Macs. More interesting is what didn't happen at the press conference

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Three New Macs and a PowerBook

As Adam noted earlier in this issue, Apple has unveiled the Power Macintosh G3 series and the PowerBook G3. These new machines all sport the new PowerPC 750 chip, commonly known as the G3 (see Geoff's detailed coverage of the G3 and backside cache in the next article)

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Caching Your Chips

Beginning in TidBITS-334, we published a series of articles explaining the technical guts of a PowerPC-based Mac. We examined differences between PowerPC 601, 603, and 604 processors; Level 1 and Level 2 processor caches, the importance of the system bus, the 68K emulator, and other items. Since then, the PowerPC world has changed